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Our Awesome Travels
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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Fri. May 20th 2011, How???

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Hmm,  lets see now how do we do this?
Go to a funeral and celebrate my birthday.

       Today is my birthday 62 years old, never dreamed that I would see that. You know its funny I don't feel old, and when I look in the mirror I don't think I look like a 62 year old should look, my grandparents looked much older at this age. My body tells me I am not 22 anymore thats about it thou.

       This morning we are up early for a journey to Oshawa to say goodbye to a dear friend. My Fathers wife, stepmother, friend, Shirley passed away in her 84th year and the service is today. We have a trip to make, Arkona Ontario to Oshawa, 300 kms (190miles) each way, so we wait for the morning fog to lift a bit and on the road about 7:45am.
morning fog
       We have a trip that takes us right along hwy 402 to hwy 401 straight thru Toronto on a friday of probably the busiest long weekend of the year. (remember yesterdays posting? everybody in Canada gets a long weekend to celebrate my birthday).
today's journey
       Well today we (family and friends) are celebrating the life of Shirley. She touched so may of our lives and brought together two families way back in the 1970's. With all the family there, so many of us have not touched base for many years. Reminiscing about all the good times, great memories and wishing her the best on her final journey.

       After the service, at Karen and Harry's house they wished me Happy Birthday and said I must be real special to get all these people together and dressed up for my birthday. Definitely a birthday I will remember.

       At 2.45 pm we say goodbye to everyone, promising to keep in touch as always, maybe a bit more with the social media available to us now. Back on hwy 401 heading west towards Toronto/Arkona and boy are we lucky, everybody is heading the other way, east and north. For one and half hours we passed traffic crawling the other way.
traffic going the other way
       Making pretty good time we got to Strathroy (20 minutes from the Resort) at 6:30 pm and decided to stop at Crabby Joe's for a bite to eat.
Crabby Joe's
My Cashew Chicken stir fry
Baked Chicken Spinoccloi for Suzie
       Then back to the resort to find it bustling with people, most campsites very busy, and the lovely smell of campfires in the air.
       Now back home, I received birthday wishes as well from my mother, children, fellow campers in the resort, facebook and email family and friends, we are so blessed to have such a large family.

        We made it thru the day, with all kinds of emotions, but ending up with a smile on our faces satisfied that we accomplished all we set out to do.
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  1. Happy birthday - enjoy it and the many more to come...

  2. Indeed a very different celebration! Yet you were surrounded with love, family and friends. Today is day one of the next year!! Enjoy.

  3. Contessa:
    Yes you are so right, everyday brings a new challenge.

  4. That is the one thing that is nice about funerals, you meet up with people you haven't seen in years. Too bad it is a funeral that has to reconnect people.

    Gotta hate Toronto traffic. Glad you were going the other way.

    Hope you had a great birthday.

    Kevin and Ruth

  5. Kevin and Ruth:
    Yes your are right about reconnecting at funerals, but at least we do.
    I prefer Toronto traffic in our coach, at least we can see whats going on and are more comfortable.
    All in all my birthday was great, very memorable.


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