Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, May 06, 2019

Warm sunny, lawn mowing, just a great spring day.

Where are we today ?
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      Guess I was all tired ou yesterday and slept like a log last night. Woke up at 6:30 this morning, about 2 hours later than normal. Another wonderful mild night and very warm morning as the sun came up. Got my first 1.5 miles walk down the road and around town for a bit. Then a nice country drive, Waiting for the grass to dry a bit and get the mower out. 4 miles walked by the end of the day.
a nice sunrise right out our dining room window
the morning dew on our grass
      My walkabout town aI enjoyed some nice colourful spring flowers.
spring buds in the trees
back down River Road to home
           The Mower needed a boost from the car, but got it running and drove it down to our coach at the front of the yard where we had some power and put on the battery charger.  Then we enjoyed  had a nice light lunch then I will see what grass I can get mowed.
It fired right up again and I headed on out
love this Ferris  zero turn Mower
       At 12 noon I mowed all around the front yards and the house, the coach, play yard and pool area. Then around most of the 5 acres here for about 2 hours. Shortly after 2 pm it was cooling down clouds coming in temperature went from 75F to 65 f hmm. looks like rain. I got a lots of the edges done and only about an hour left to mow. Maybe on Wednesday, supposed to rain tomorrow and I have appointments to take care of.
       These 5 acres back onto farmland and various properties at the back so I have lots of opportunities too see many things.
Trilliums here just starting to bloom
our Provincial flower
I was trimming at the back of the yard
another yard next door with nice spring flowers
mowing around the edge at the back
I  mowed this area,
farmland next door
parked the mower and walked back home
looks much nicer now
         Now to enjoy a wonderful warm afternoon, with a few rain sprinkles so we deployed our awning and relaxed with our pages turners. Still a quiet comfortable afternoon outside. No complaints , listening to the mourning doves and birds chirping, loving this warm spring weather.
our afternoon view with rain sprinkles added
lawn  mowed
the wheepping willow behind us is
starting to bloom
    Then I took a nice walkabout back through the bush here some trails not to wet and I enjoyed that for a while.
nope not this way
much drier here
enjoyed a nice hike here and down by the river
love the river views on the trail
          A bit later John's son Jamie dropped by with their dog Shelby, nice to chat with him for a while and Suzie enjoyed a doggie fix with Shelby.
Shelby is a beautiful dog and as usual loves Suzie
           Soon time to whip up supper . Tonight we will enjoy some shrimp burgers that we really love. Nothing else needed , these did the trick.
not long on our Weber Q
English muffins warming in foil
   These did the trick today, Seafood sauce to go with them. Too easy, ketchup, horseradish , lemon juice and tabasco to taste. Make it whenever you need it.
these shrimp burgers  were wonderful as always
     We sure did enjoy a very nice warm sunny spring day for the most part. And the lawn mowing is always fun here as well.
     Glad that y'all stopped on by and  hope you had a great day as well.
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Looks like your grass is growing fast down there!

  2. There’s that lawnmower!!! I know, I’m weird, but I know how much fun you’re having!!

    1. Yes Nancy I am having fun, guess I'm weird too.

  3. It is certainly looking like spring over there. Now that is a huge mower.

    Love shrimp burgers. I haven't tried these. I will add it to my grocery list.

    1. Sure is spring time now, It is a huge mower but 5 acres to cut is pretty huge too.
      We like theses shrimp burgers saw some different ones the other day would like to try as well.

  4. Nice job on the mowing George.
    I have never seen shrimp burgers, I guess that's something that can only be bought in Canada?

    1. Thanks JO, I have never seen them in the states either, now that you mention it.

  5. Wow, if I owned a big old landmower like the one you are using I "might" consider doing yard work. Spring is definitively in the air in Canada.

    Like JO, I have never heard of "shrimp burgers" but bet they are savory and good for you unlike the Whataburgers I enjoy...though tasty have thousands of calories.

    1. It is a fun mower to drive and makes the lawn mowing go pretty quickly, spring is in the air for sure.
      These burgers are a very nice treat we enjoy them, much healthier than a beef burger I would think.
      Though Whataburger does make an awesome burger.

  6. Nice to get back on that mower and John will be happy you are back.
    That is a pile of seafood sauce/ketchup/horseradish on your burger!! ha ha, can you taste the seafood? haha
    Looks like you enjoyed the day. We aren't quite as warm up here yet, our trilliums have not bloomed but the grass is starting to grow. Just need more sun along with the rains we're getting.

    1. It was nice to get out on the mower playing in the yard. Love this seafood sauce really added to the texture of the shrimp burger . we sure did enjoy our day. Sunny and warm weather perfect.

  7. The first cutting of the year sure makes a big difference doesn't it! Sure it is greatly appreciated! Those zero turn mowers are amazing aren't they. We love watching them when we're in TN and back that way, seems everyone has one! Ken said the shrimp burgers looked delicious!

    1. The first cutting is always nice. Really do love these zero turn mowers and are so worth it. The shrimp burgers are excellent.

  8. The grass looks much better mowed and that looks like a serious mowing machine but I still wouldn't want to mow 5 acres

    1. It does look much better, This is a serious commercial machine and can cut these 5 acres in 3 hours. so not too bad.


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