Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 02, 2019

A great last day here, very warm, and 3 doggie fixes for Suzie.

Where are we today ? 
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      After a very nice warm, day yesterday, we enjoyed another good night's sleep. Windows open and no heat needed. This is more like it! No sunrise views this morning kinda foggy and damp, but did get a decent walkabout enjoying the fresh air. Again 3 miles done today, loving it!
a foggy morning for a while
       It did warm up nicely today our last day here for now, get a few things taken care of starting with laundry. We both had long hot showers then I headed around the corner to the laundry in town. While the machines did their magic I enjoyed my KOBO, laundry dried and folded in 90 minutes, Suzie put it away while I whipped up a light lunch.
      Then more walkabouts, and puttered around for a bit, checked our tires and oil, dumped our sewage topped up our fresh water tank, read a bit more on this wonderful very warm sunny day. Getting ready to head out in the morning.
our afternoon sunny spot
      A bit later we had Walt and Barb stop by. I had called him to come check out a few things here for us. And they brought their dog we love Maya. And she just loves Suzie as most dogs do. Walt did the flooring in our coach 2 years ago and we have gotten to know them quite well.
Maya sure us a sweetie
does some nice tricks for her as well
good dog
not yet Maya
OK now and she does it
        I showed Walt what we wanted done, and he said no problem. We have had an issue with our mirrored closet door rollers and I had no luck fixing them. I did not expect it but he went to work took it apart and managed to make it work again. Wow, Suzie happy ,me Happy and Walt said no problem an easy fix? Hm I spent hours and had no luck, Thanks Walt !
        While we were chatting with Walt and Barb we caught Gerry actually working !
this is a photo op for sure
Gerry working !
      About 4 pm we reading outside and Paul came over to join us for a short Happy Hour, heck we outside anyway, Nice to chat with him again before we leave.
     Then soon time to whip up supper. Tonight going to grill a salmon fillet on our Weber Q to go with our tasty salad.
not long and this was done to perfection
sure hit the spot and some broccoli tots to go with it
Thanks Shirley
      Supper and dishes done then Gerry and Tucker dropped by to give Suzie another doggie fix and wish us safe travels, we hope to be back in a week.
Tucker ran right inside and on the couch with Suzie
LOL, and had to give her a good bye kiss
    Still more sitting outside for a while enjoying this nice warm weather and Loree and Freddie came by to say see ya laters, and yet another doggie fix for Suzie. She is doing well with all these doggies today and loving every minute of it.
Freddie was excited , and then was quieting down
We chatted with Loree for and bit, wished us dafe travels and
they headed home.
   We had a wonderful very warm sunny spring day, Got laundry done and things taken care of, chatted with a few friends. Reading done, a tasty supper and 3 doggie fixes for Suzie. As well as safe travel wishes from friends. Sounds like a pretty perfect day to us.
    Thanks for dropping by and hope y'all had a great spring day as well
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Suzies got lots of dogie fixes today, great send off Lots of visitor saying seeing ya

    1. Yes JO it was a wonderful day, outside enjoying this great weather, and chat with a few people and dogs.

  2. Sounds like a good last day. You won't be gone long by the looks of it.
    Safe short drive this morning.

    1. Thanks Patsy, it was a wonderful day, We may be gone a week we hope.

  3. I love how lush and green the grass is up there.

  4. Nice to be able to get everything ready for your travels on a beautiful day.
    Looked like Suzie really appreciated all her Doggie Fixes.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. It was a perfect day to be outside and get ready to head out.
      She does love her doggie fixes.

  5. What a great last day you had! Nice that Walt was able to get the door fixed for you guys and so quickly. Great doggie fixes for Suzie, love how they all love her (and her treats)! Glad you like the tots George and no go with your wonderful healthy dinner!! Travel safely..always love to see where you end up!

    1. It was a perfect day here, Walt has a lot of experience with these things so for him an easy fix. The doggie fixes a real bonus as well. Love the tots a nice sea;th snack/ veggie.
      Thanks it was a good travel day though a but foggy, back to camp awesome !

  6. Safe travels! Hope you are you are going to get some short and T shirt weather soon.

  7. Mother Nature decided to cooperate and give you and Suzie a great send off day. I love seeing how much the pooches love her.

    Off topic I have been wanting to ask you for a long time how you gauge the distance you walk?

    1. It sure was a great day we enjoyed outside, and the doggies a real bonus as well.
      For my walking my I phone has a health app that tracks my steps and distance. I also had a similar app on my Android phone as well.

  8. I hope Suzie doesn't overdose on all those doggie fixes! :cD

    1. Naw she is fine, on the wagon now for a eek or so, lol....


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