Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, May 09, 2019

Visiting good friends, a wonderful meal and sad news from Quartzsite Arizona

Where are we today ?
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      Enjoyed a nice sunrise this morning and was about 50 F but no time for my walkabout, Had to go to New Hamburg to have an adjustment made to my hearing aides for 8 am, before we leave the area.
another nice sunrise
        We secured the coach and headed out about 9:30 only and hour drive back country roads to visit with Suzie's girl friend Chris they pretty well grew up as neighbours on the farm when they were teenagers. So a visit with Chris and Bill for the night and get caught up with our lives since last summer.
nice country roads through farm counrty
       This area years ago was tobacco farms, but when the market fell out of that many converted to Ginseng, grown under these tarp like fields.
           Passing through many small communities love the name of this town.
turn right towards Turkey Point
lovely beaches in Lake Erie

Chris rescued some baby doves she is raising
of course a Blue bird
Suzie and Chris
    We were here chatted for a while and Chris invited us in for lunch she had made a pot of ham and potatoe soup, Oh my was this yummy, Thanks Chris.
      I heard from Bill a farm store down the road has fresh asparagus. So took a drive down there and check it out.
love these log cabins
    This is the place Wagon Wheel produce. Yes they have fresh asparagus here $3.00 a lb, pretty good price and this is fresh! Just picked this morning. She took me back to the sorting room where they we sorting and packaging it, now that is fresh !
sorting right here
we got ours right from here 2 pounds
     Heading back to their place passed a  whole bunch of Trilliums in the bush, so nice to see them.

1953 International pick up
this is what we bought today
      Then we enjoyed the afternoon on their patio chatting on a wonderful very warm afternoon. Overcast and a some wind but very warm actually. 78F at 3:27 pm in the shade, not a problem we will enjoy it.
a very nice patio here
     Then I wandered around their yard for a bit for some exercise  enjoying this warm fresh air before the rain began.
still too wet to plant their garden
the chickens saw me coming so headed inside
I guess they are chicken, lol.
there they are all safe inside

this wood furnace heats their house
still a few dogs here in their huge kennel
Oh and Chris has a horse as well
    Soon the rain began so we sat on their front porch looking out across the road.
sitting on the front porch out of the rain
this was a wonderful warm afternoon
even if it rained a bit
          She had put a beef roast in her slow cooker this morning to feed us all supper, wow what a treat. They also had some fresh asparagus that I grilled on their BBQ
love this fresh asparagus
Chris and Bill in their huge kitchen
turn right and a huge living room
a nice dining room area beside the kitchen as well
      Dinner was served , very tender roast beef, mashed taters and gravy asparagus and candied carrots. Oh my this was excellent, thanks guys.
yummy ? yup
     And then Chris had made a Rhubarb custard pie, one of my favourites. I made so many in my restaurant and this was excellent.
fresh Rhubarb  pie and ice-cream
was wonderful especially for me ,
Don't normally eat desert.
plus we were gifted some fresh honey right from the
beehives here on their property.
once again thanks guys
     Now that was about the extent of our fun day here visiting with good friends again, we will have to make a point of coming by more often.
    Thanks for taking the time to stop by, We heading out again in the morning.

Sad News from Quartzsite

Paul Winer with clothes on
Boogey Woogey Blues
Got some sad news from Quartzsite Arizona that Paul Winer had passed away. Al (of the BayField Bunch) had heard about Paul's Passing and posted on his blog. We had met Paul a few times, Enjoyed  one of his Boogey Woogey Blues concerts that was very entertaining. Had hoped to see another, so glad that we got to enjoy his music and humour. He was a real part of the Quartzsite scene and I am sure he will be missed by many especially his wife Joanne.
       We did enjoy his concert back in Jan. 30th 2016  in Quartzsite at the QIA, for the posting you can click Here .
46 miles today
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 Where have we been this Summer ?


  1. Dinner looked amazing. So sorry to hear about Paul. Such a nice guy!!!

    1. Nancy, dinner was amazing we sure enjoyed it. Paul was a very nice guy always enjoyed seeing him around and chatting with him.

  2. I am catching up and I would say you two have enjoyed some very nice days. Hope the warmer weather you have enjoyed makes it way up here soon. Always enjoy seeing the spring flowers and I include the dandelions. Nice sunrise pictures.

    1. Thanks for catching up, We hav had some pretty decent days, sunrises and the spring flowers.

  3. Amazing meals and a great price for the Asparagus.
    We missed Paul's last concert. Sorry to read of his passing.

    It's about time.

    1. Thanks it was a great day, We missed the last one 2 years ago he was sick that day. He sure was a large part of Q.

  4. WOW what a wonderful meal you had. The next time you go can I come with you. They have a really nice place too.

    1. Yes JO it was a wonderful meal, it sure would be a long drive for you to come here for a meal. They do have a very large property about 25 acres.

  5. So nice to have friends welcoming you and taking on the dreaded chore of "cooking". The food looks absolutely delicious.

    I have never seen a horse with markings like a cow...interesting! That was a short trip.

    1. It was nice to stop by for a visit and see these guys again. Chris loves cooking and always makes some amazing meals and deserts.
      Would this be a cross between a Holstein and a horse maybe?

  6. That it some great looking asparagus and it's so much better when fresh picked.

    1. It sure is nice looking and tastes great, gotta love when it is fresh picked too.

  7. Wow...that asparagus certainly can't get any fresher!! What a great place to spend the night and visit! Nice for Suzie to be able to catch up with Chris! Their place is certainly beautiful and very inviting. Gotta love that huge kitchen! The meals look yummy ...And the honey! love that. Allergies are bad this time of year here, last year was miserable. I've been taking a spoonful a day of our local honey (grown here in Yerington) and I swear it's working! Love natural remedies like that! That furnace is definitely interesting for heating the house!!

    1. You don't asparagus much fresher than this. They do have a beautiful house and property. Love the kitchen too. The honey is wonderful and yes the natural remedies I go for as well. It is one amazing wood fired furnace that heats bot the house and the large dog house as well.

  8. Chris and Bill have a nice farm, good to catch up again. That is a huge house but I'm still glad I don't have a house that big for cleaning. LOL
    So sorry to hear about Paul. We never did see him perform but he sure had a reputation for being a nice man.

    1. It is a beautiful property and home, but like you too big for us the clean as well.
      Paul was a wonderful man and you almost got to see him play last year, we had tickets but he was sick then.

  9. How fun to spend a day with friends. Very special that they treated you all day long. You are always giving to others and it was nice to see you having a fun day off. Your friends have a lovely property and wonderful home. So happy that Suzie got this special time with her good friend.

    1. It is always nice to spend time with these guys and for Suzie and Chris to catchup as well. They do have one beautiful property and a large home they custom built a couple of years ago.

  10. Hope that asparagus tastes good! Rhubarb pie looks even better!

    1. The asparagus was excellent Stew as was the pie, so yummy.


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