Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Quiet here, some early swap meets and just more sunshine, that's why we love it here. Even time to read in the shade

Where are we today ?
Done Rock Quartzsite Arizona
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       Another excellent day here in the desert what's not to love about this? Much warmer at 5 am today 40 f, almost a heatwave, then when the sun comes up couple hours later over 70f, wonderful. The desert just the way we like it.
        Morning walkabout for an hour enjoyed the sun rising and new views we have not seen before.
another great sunrise
That's Dome rock a couple miles away from us
        I ran a few errands and home by 9am puttered around, removed a door hinge and added a couple washers to raise the entry door a bit seems to work much better now.
        Then a nice early brunch and awesome weather we wandered over to Tyson Wells, check out a few vendors. Lots are set up an many more to come, nice right now with no crowds.
rocks. stones, gems. minerals it all here
most not too cheap, but fun to look at
a few vendors to check out
nothing we can do without though
this the food court in January,
pretty quiet now, a zoo then
      Was nice just to wander about, fresh air sunshine and checking things out.
    Then over I-10 to Main street first time we have been her to Hi Ali. Now this is a swap meet. Junk, lots junk but some good deals to be had if you look hard enough. Guess we did not look hard enough nothing we needed.
Tye Die T Shirts maybe ?
nice fire truck?$325.00 !
I had that one when I was a child
wish I had it now
     That's enough looking today. Home to relax in the shade have some serious reading that needs to be done. Between chapters I dropped our solar panel, batteries fully charged for today.
nice view from the roof
of our huge campsite
     While reading so quiet we hear the Gamble's Quails scurrying around behind our coach from the bushes. Almost sounds like a bunch of quiet chickens. They are so cool to watch then always in a group.
the quails come scurrying out of here
     Now you know whats next, time to start supper. Tonight a couple of very tasty smoked pork chops right from the butcher counter at the Quartzsite General store. These chops are excellent! Last feed until we get back here next year.
wrapped in butcher paper too
4-5 minutes a side and perfect,
sauerkraut for me in foil
       Just added to a salad and sure hit the spot, leftovers too.
       Not a great sunset plus my pics did not turn out very good. But our day did that's all that matters.
       Thanks for stopping by again and hope your day was awesome too!

Check out the interactive map below to see where we have been this Fall and Winter..


  1. You are probably missing the cold winter weather with wind that cuts you to the bone. NOT! LOL!
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

    1. We did out stint last year, your turn this year, we will take the sunshine and warmth thanks.

  2. Enjoy the peacefulness of the desert for now because those crowds are probably planning their route to get there right now.

    1. More people arriving everyday, we take Quartzsite both ways and enjoy it.
      Such a fun quirky place to enjoy.

  3. I'd love to see and hear the quail....

    1. They are so amazing, chattering away and skittering around in groups, so much a part of the desert.

  4. Have you posted in the past on how to generate the Travel Map that you post? We're planning a long (10,000+ miles) trip next year and I'd like to do something like you have done with your map. Thanks, Ron

    1. I have not but have email directions to a few people, and even showed them how. Somehow they just can't seem to get it. I will work on a posting at some point soon.
      I find it rather simple done on Google maps.
      Thanks for the suggestion.

    2. Thanks. I've been in My Maps as I'm using it to store all the places I'd like to see, stay, eat at, etc. during our trip. I assume I would start a new map, maybe with a creative name like Summer-Fall 2016 and then post the end points for each day (if we want to keep it that detailed). I guess the unknown is how to embed it in a blog or other location. Thanks.

    3. Oops! Really - Googling things generally works. I found this instruction, once I figured out that the verb I was looking for was "embed", not "share" and it seems very clear. Thanks again.

    4. I just emailed you my directions... hope that helps.

  5. Make sure you're always nice to Suzie so you don't find yourself being placed in that Hi Ali swap meet... :cD


  6. Kelly says....did you get your furnace fixed?

    1. Yes we got it done today works perfect now! Thanks for asking.


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