Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A perfect rainy day.....

Where are we today ?
       Just more wonderful weather , supposed to rain all day according to the weather guessers. But not raining on our campsite. The usual, computing, coffees and walkabouts then off to Forest about 15 kms (9 miles) away to pick up a few groceries etc... It rained there but not here. Guess we are just lucky.
        On the way to Forest had to stop for a bit while they manoeuvred a long trailer with one of the arms for the huge wind generators that they erecting all over this area.  
as I posted the other day these things are HUGE!
        After a light lunch back home and more updating our e-readers (loading a few more books) we got to enjoy a wonderful afternoon getting to enjoying a bit more reading. Off to the gym for a bit then visit with our good friends Ron, Loree and Freddie for a nice afternoon Happy (Social) hour.
         Its been a while and nice to get together with them again, get caught up and tell lies, even share a few tips too, like we all do.
Freddie is happy to see us and Suzie got her doggie fix.
flapping our gums and a few laughs too
Freddie and Ron
        Eventually we need to head back home and fire up our Weber Q. Tonight we are having a feast of chicken wings, done completey on the grill, no Fry Daddy tonight. About 40 minutes on Medium-low turning a few times they actually turned out pretty good. Nice and crispy and very tasty.
wings and sweet peppers on the grill
        Added the wings to a lettuce and spinach salad, my extra, extra hot sauce on the side, veggies and of course a blue cheese dip too.
oh it was so tasty
        After supper we headed outside to read for a bit, but with the dark clouds rolling in and the lightning and thunder it did not take long before the skies opened up, with the wind and heavy rain we had to head back inside. Listen to the rain on the roof and watch the light show going on around us. We really enjoy a good rainstorm from inside our coach, something so relaxing and soothing about it.
a few minutes before the skies opened up
         Just another fun relaxing day here enjoying this amazing lifestyle that we enjoy.
         Thanks again for stopping by and hope you enjoyed you day too.
Posted by George, a.k.a. "The Weber "Q" Man of Blogland" according to Rick Doyle. 
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  1. That must be the storm that is supposed to hit us tomorrow here in Waterloo. I hope it is not too bad as we are supposed to drive over to Wasaga Beach.

    1. Welcome to Ontario! Enjoy you week here.
      Hope its a nice day for you at the beach, thursday is supposed to be nicer weather though.

  2. That looks like one of those turbine blades that we saw yesterday when we were near Forest.
    The thunder only last about fifteen minutes here but the rain is still coming down.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. We like the sound of rain from inside the RV too. However, we never want it to last too long.

    1. Perfect at night time, but like the sunshine during the day

  4. Now I'm hungry for wings :-). I enjoy the sound of the rain as well. As a kid, we had no A/C so the windows were always open in warm weather and I slept well to the sound of the rain hitting the metal window awnings.

    1. We put the wing craving off as long as possible, love them!
      No A/C for us either back then loved the sound of the cooling rain too.

  5. We had a couple of thunderstorms with very heavy rains yesterday too George! Sure makes for a lazy day!
    That was one long trailer...those turbine blades don't look that big when they are working!

    1. We always see them at a distance, up close they are monstrous , and that was only one of the three blades.

  6. Love rain in our RV, except when we're trying to watch TV. The rain on our roof dome messes up the picture. Of course we can't hear the sound with the rain on the roof, so it's no loss. But then, that's what e-readers are for! :c)

    1. Computers and e-readers we don't watch much tv anyway.


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