Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sunshine, no wind, Mustang Island and a Birthday celebration.

Where are we today ?
        The wild winds from yesterday left the area overnight, leaving it a bit cooler, but bright sunny skies today, just lovin it. Coffees computing and walkabouts was good first thing. Then at 9am headed down the street a bit to see if Suzie could get another back adjustment. We tried phoning but the call was dropped (we are in a fringe area here). No problem Dr. Beth took her right away and now she good as new.
        But seeing as its early in the day, sun is shining, not much wind and we are in the car anyway, lets take a trip over to Port Aransas on Mustang Island and check out the beach. We haven't been there yet this year.
the road to the ferry dock
        The trip to Port Aransas was about 30 minutes, where we board the free ferry across the channel. They had 5 of these operating today, so only wait a few minutes. But of course all the ships in the channel have the right of way.
boarding the ferry, you can se the front of a ship there
notice the rear of the ship too
ferry arriving beside us, tractor trailers on it
another ferry passing with rv's on it too
heading to the beach and sand dunes
         Once off the ferry we headed to the beach. Here we can drive along the hard packed sand for miles. Lots of Rv's parked here for a few days. We did that in 2006 for one night. But it was a cool breeze and we did not really feeling like hanging out too long, thou was sure was nice to come back for a drive and see the sights again. This place would be a zoo in the summer time I am sure.
driving along the beach for miles
camping on the beach too
grading the roadway 
beach patrol
back on the ferry heading home.
         Once again our ferry had to wait for a small ship, they do have the right of way.
         It was a nice sight to see all the dolphins swimming in the channel today too, but was hard to get pictures of them, they were everywhere, the crossing takes less than 10 minutes.
         No back home in time for lunch then putter around for a while.  While Suzie had a nap , then we even had a chance to read for a bit out of the wind and almost too hot in the sun.
        Then time to head for supper at Blackbeards too in Ingleside TX about 20 minutes away. Meeting up with Rob, Pat, Ted, Katie, John and Barb to celebrate Pat and Katie's birthdays. Happy hour here with great service and good food at reasonable prices.
Katie and Pat
Pat found a flamingo
        Lots laughs, a few stories, celebrations and good food was in order. Nothing like a bunch of friends to celebrate your birthdays!
Suzie had the grilled catfish fillets
I satisfied my craving of suicide wings and fries
thats all of us
        Then with full tummies we slowly made our way outside and back home to our individual campgrounds. Gotta get home before dark ya know.
        Not look at this rig we passed on the highway, large coach, towing and large SUV towing a boat and trailer. Is that really legal?
taking it all with you
then home just in time to catch a bit of a sunset, one in the sky
 and a reflection on the side of our coach
        Thats it for today did not do much yesterday because of the wind but sure made up for it today.
        We do appreciate y'all for dropping in and joining us at the beach and hope you enjoyed supper with us too.

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  1. Enjoyed the tour and all your pictures. Glad to hear that Suzie feels better after the second adjustment. Looked like a fun birthday celebration.

    1. A fun day and Suzie feeling much better now, almost brand new!

  2. Thanks for the tour and great photos. That's some spectacular beach.

    As usual, good food at the end of the day, too!

    1. Yes an awesome beach, and excellent food too.

    2. The beach looks lovely. You don't seem to have any trouble finding good chiropractors in your travels, what's your secret?

  3. I really like the area you are in. Maybe that's a next year thing. Enjoy!


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