Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Finally got laundry done and had great weather too!

Where are we today ?

         Here we are and the weather forecast says, overcast, windy and probably rain. So today we can do laundry. Missed it yesterday so today is the day.
        Ok a quick trip to the store and bite to eat for lunch. The laundry is sorted (Suzie she is good at that!). Some strong winds in the morning, but after lunch not so much, kinda nice,
         A couple hours doing laundry and chatting with a fellow Rver from Michigan sure made the time go by quickly. Then back home for an afternoon reading our books.
        Perfect weather slightly overcast and temps about 82 f in the shade, just wonderful. Liking this weather for sure.
yep thats my kitchen window/
neighbors gone now lotsa space
         So because of the weather forecast supper tonight is a stir fry. Leftover  chicken and lotsa veggies with rice( chicken fried rice). Quick, easy and very tasty, add a couple pieces of garlic bread with cheese just hit the spot.
yummy yes!
        Thats it for a nice relaxing day, finally getting the laundry done. Clean clothes ! Me happy, Suzie happy and tummies full , all is good

        Thanks for stopping by for a vist. Y'all come back now, hear?
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  1. We had quite a stack of laundry we had to take care of today ... as well as many other things. We even got to see snow in the hills around Phoenix. You don't see that often.

  2. It's always a great feeling of satisfaction to get the laundry done! Wish I could say I'm caught up too.....

    Glad you are having warm's a little chilly here in San Diego!

    1. Those are never ending chores, but need to be done. The warm wether is nice, but gonna cool down for a bit.

  3. Glad you got your laundry done! We are hot, hot, hot down here in the keys! A week more and we start the sloooow trek home.

    Happy travels

    1. Enjoy the Keys, we did last fall. Hot is why you are there right? Travel safe on the journey home.

  4. Well with that laundry all caught up you can get back to those good books and relaxing. All in all it sounded like a good day!


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