Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, February 07, 2013

Heavy rain, then sunshine and a good deal for supper.

Where are we today ?
         Last night we had rain! Boy did we have rain, all night, heavy rain even I heard it too. But hey its night time and we sleeping, don't need to be outside so that is the best time to have it right?
         My first morning walkabout showed evidence of last nights rain, the roads and almost everything here is flooded. But then again we are in Louisiana not much here but swamp.
this is the roads in the campground
nice warm sun and the turtles are sunning themselves
on a log in the pond.
         Such a beautiful warm sunny day I got our Weber grill out and gave it a real good cleaning. Took me  almost two hours, but now its about a hundred pounds lighter (well  maybe two or three anyway).
         All wore out from this heavy labor and walkabouts time to sit back and do some serious reading, perfect day for it. Nice shady spot , about 75f (23c) yep its good. Then a short happy hour just me, Suzie and our books. At 5 o'clock over to our new friends Jim and Linda, hop in their truck and head down the road to Camellia Cafe. Thursday is the day for us old folks to head there and check out the menu.
gotta love the special price for us old people 55 plus
         We were here a couple years ago and the food was excellent, tonight did not disappoint us either, and it was much more reasonable to boot. The place is packed with all these seniors, wonder why, glad we had reservations.
nice murals on the wall
nice caesar salad
Mahi Mahi and twice baked potato for Suzie
Catfish platter and fries for me
Jim and Linda had a huge seafood Platter for two
          Well we had lotsa food and at 55% off very reasonable too. In the parking lot a nice hot rod parked beside us, looks like a fun ride.
        Then int town a few cruise cars parked in a parking lot so wes topped to check the out on a very nice warm evening. Chat with a few proud owners of these cars, then soon time to head home and call it a night.

Nice Chevy Nova for Dave and Sharry Lynn
57 Chevy pickup for my Brother
        But thats it a great day, getting late and time to head home. Gotta hit the road in the morning and head west, not far, but west.
        Thanks for dropping in again and make sure y'all comeback now hear?
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  1. 55% off, now that makes eating out more palatable...

  2. Seems to me that you've had a good deal of rain this winter. Over here it's yet to come. Love those old nice cars.

    1. Yes we have had our share of rain and then some. We are really missing "Dry" Arizona. The old cars are nice everywhere.

  3. Love the fish dinners! One thing I can say about both of you is that you sure do eat well.

  4. I think your rain is turning to snow in the north...let's be glad we're not there! Nice dinner and price!
    Nothing quite like a shiny old car in tip top condition!

    Be safe in your travels......enjoy!

  5. Love sleeping with the sound of that rain on the roof. Great dinner deal for certain.

  6. Great day with a good deal on good food and then the cool cars. The picture of the turtles was neat.

  7. Sounds like a fun-filled day. I remember Abita in the rain, the park turns into a pond. Hope you have a high ground.


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