Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wed. June 23rd New Hamburg

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer, since August. 2006

      Another hot humid day, my kind of weather. Suzie's mother had her gallbladder removed this morning at the Stratford General hospital and all went well, she is now at home recuperating. I did some puttering around and ran a few errands in the morning. After lunch I thought I would cut some grass on the, zero turn lawn tractor. Well this sure makes lawn cutting too much fun and a lot quicker. About 3 hours compared to 6 hours to cut the grass. This machine has only two levers that control it. No steering wheel, no brake, no throttle. Push the levers ahead go faster, back to slow down, stop or reverse, pull either one to turn with a zero turning radius, which means very little to no trimming and amazing quick turns, can make you dizzy.
      All was going well and I was going to finish before the possible rain. But had a flat tire, so had to call off cutting for the day and drop the rim off in Baden to have a new tire ordered and mounted. While I was there (10 minutes away) was a very heavy rainfall and strong winds, but hardly anything at the farm.

      With all this cutting and noise I missed the earth tremor that happened mid afternoon. Sandy was in the house and did feel it shaking her desk and the water in her bottle was moving.
      Further research shows the centre of the tremor to be near Gracefield Quebec.      

      After this excitement we had another early supper, BBQ'd hamburgers and french fries so we could make soccer practice at 6:30pm. The sun came out and we enjoyed the Soccer practice with 2 grandchildren, then back home to relax. All this weather happening here and we find out at Midland (2 hours north) a (possible?) tornado went thru a trailer park pretty well destroying most of the trailers there, luckily nobody was seriously injured. Well enough excitement for one day, lets turn in and see what tomorrow brings.
Looks like a tornado to me

Strange Canadian Laws

It is a crime to startle the Queen in any way, you could spend up to 14 years in hail for doing so.


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  1. Lots of rock & roll happening out there, eh! Take care of yourselves.


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