Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hippyfest starting tonight and hotter today than yesterday.

Where are we today ?
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      Well this morning is still pretty warm again. Suzie complained this morning that is was too hot overnight for sleeping, me I had a great sleep. So I turned on our A/C and headed outside. (don't like air conditioning). Try to keep the temp below 80 f for her for most of the day. Saw no comets last night.
      Now got a few nice early walkabouts the campground this morning, love it when it is so quiet.
       Mind you today is supposed to be hotter than yesterday, gonna feel like 111 f ! According to the weather gods in this area. Maybe it was or maybe it wasn't no matter to me was just another hot summer day for me to enjoy. 
this is the forecast, feels like 111 F !
maybe close to that, or maybe it was
     Headed into Forest to check out the Farmers Market at 8 am. Nothing exciting there that we needed but did pick up a couple items at the grocery store. It is a nice small market but all the vendors were not set up yet.
look at the canopy
Ohio State Buckeyes !
not sure why they are here ?
           Now home to putter around for a while then a light lunch. Enjoying reading outside in the shade with nice breeze, pretty comfortable for me at least, I might say.
           After I had a nice work out in the fitness centre and a shower we got some more quality reading time in.
         Then Tucker and his mum stopped by, Suzie got her doggie fix again.
        Oli doing his firewood deliveries
         The skies are looking like the a storm is coming and we did have a bit of rain for a while. Nothing major though.
       Time to fire up out Weber Q 1000 to grill a nice pork loin roast for supper.
Added the pork to a salad and was tasty.
lots leftover pork for lunches
      This weekend is Hippy Fest a total of 7 bands supposed to be here and 3 tonight. So after supper we wandered down to checkout the first band and enjoy an ice cream cone. The ice cream was wonderful, but this first band not so much, but we have 6 more to check out over the weekend. No problem was free for us members here. 
sure was nice on a hot humid night 
the first band
     After the first band and our ice cream back home to read a bit more in the shade, we can hear the bands from our site anyway. A few people stopped by to chat on this wonderful summer evening, even a couple of hippies, dressed for the occasion.
         After another fun hot day and all the crickets singing to us, but soon time for us the head inside for the night. The third band is just starting now just after 9 pm but us old hippies need to call it a night. Lots more bands tomorrow.
         Thanks for stopping by again and hope your summer day was a good one too.

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  1. Hippy fest? I'll bet you were a hippy back in the late 1960's... :-)

    1. I sure remember some fun times from way back then, the music etc...

  2. Love those tie dyed shirts! So groovy!

    That ice cream cone sure looked yummy.....

    1. The tied dyed shirts were groovy mine are long gone decades ago,
      The ice cream was yummy on a very hot day.

  3. Replies
    1. Sorry no outfits, they are long gone, but we have the memories and the music.

  4. I'm with Suzie--I can't sleep when I'm too hot.

  5. Looks like fun. I think you and Suzie should get in the spirit with a couple of tie dyes. ha ha

    1. I know you guys still wear your tie dyes, but ours are long gone now.
      You should be here...

  6. I'm surprised Oli has any firewood deliveries in your current heat. I was setting outside doing my computing and watching the sunrise here in Montrose, CO and with the 57F temps and brisk wind, I came inside - a fire would have felt good but way too windy.

    1. A lots of these people have to have a campfire just because they are camping. He actually does quite well $5.00 for a green bin delivered to your site a pretty good deal.

  7. Air Conditioning.....what's not to like??

    1. LOL, Al, the coolness and not so fresh air causes me breathing problems and bother's my arthritis. Just does not feel good for me. The heat I can deal with, 10 years in the restaurant over the grill, fryer and pizza oven I really got we very used to it. And love to work up a good sweat, makes me feel good. Mind you I dress for the hot weather too.


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