Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, August 12, 2016

Hippy-fest day 2 was a fun, busy one, bringing back memories.

Where are we today ?
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      We had some rain over night and supposed to rain all day. Hopefully the forecast is wrong. With the Hippy Fest here this weekend we will enjoy some of the music and festivities, though mostly inside the clubhouse because of the forecast rain.
        Last night I heard the band that came on at 9pm was pretty good, but we did not go down to see them. Lots more bands today starting at 1 pm, outside if its not raining we will see.
       Between the rain drops here and there we wandered about, chatting with people (some are hippy wannabes) but everyone is enjoying the atmosphere and music. One guy spotted me like he knew me from hippy fest last year. I was his best buddy, hey dude I was not the last year, sorry, But we did have some interesting conversations to say the least.
        They had some vendors arrive selling crafts etc.that were interesting and fit with the era but nothing we really needed. Fun to wander about and enjoy the music an atmosphere.
need a Pet Rock or bumper sticker? 
party on
she is in the mood
A beer in hand and one in each
back pocket, ready to party 
These guys were really good
       There was few vendors here here selling some retro items.
only one VW  camper wagon touring around 
this band inside at 1 pm was good too
lots of peace signs around
   We got some wonderful reading time done today between walkabouts, chatting with people and the music. Not as hot today and a nice refreshing heavy rainfall around 5 pm when I was cooking supper. Tonight a couple of Hayter's Onion and Parsley turkey burgers to go with our healthy green salad sure did the trick.
love these healthy lean Turkey burgers
       After supper another walkabout check out the 7 o'clock  band pretty good instrumentals but inside the hall, way too loud for me. 
       Back home some more friends had stopped by to chat on their way to listen to the music. Ron, Loree and Freddie (doggie fix for Suzie) and Melinda all dressed up for the occasion, she sure does fill the bill in her outfit. Wanna see what we look like now? Just look at our header pic, thats what we look like most everyday. 
Melinda ready for action
looking good
Freddie loves to climb
       Heading back down to check out the 9 pm band for a bit then home to call it a night. But after 30 minutes waiting for them to set up I headed on home, after all its past my bedtime already.

       Some people dressed up for this event but for us no tie dyes no outfits sorry. But this event is bringing back memories for me (long before Suzie) and the best I can do is a few pics of me from many years ago during the day.  Long gone is all the clothes from that era, bell bottoms, tie dyed shirts, long hair, pony tail and long beard. 
        Did actually attend this Canada Jam Aug. 26th 1978 at Mosport Park in Ontario. A one day outdoor concert with lots of top bands from back then and over 110,000 people at this memorable event.
     Then a few more pics of me back in the day.
           That was all the old pics that I could find for now, but we did have a great day here enjoying all the friendly mostly older Hippies all having a fun time.
           Just another fun day in the life of a fulltime rver. We had not planned this busy weekend it just happened to be where we are. 
           Thanks for for stopping by and enjoying this hippy fest withe us.

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  1. Another great festival for you. This one looks like it might have been a lot of fun too!

    1. It was fun and a different atmosphere than usual here.

  2. Nice to get a chance to relive your wild and misspent youth! :cD


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