Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

We are officially part of the "Wild Bunch " now, with a little fun at the Casino today.

Where are we today ?
         We have another overcast day but warm enough for shorts and t-shirts so started with a few walkabouts then decided to check out a Casino for some deals. There is 9 Casinos here in Biloxi so gotta check out  at least one or two, don't we? We are not really Casino people but our neighbors told us the Boomtown Casino in Biloxi, has a pretty good lunch Buffet with Monday and Wednesday being half price for seniors over 50 with a players card "The Wild Bunch" seniors we're called. So got there about 10 am signed up for our free players card and decided to get into the heavy duty (1 cent) slot machines for $5.00 each. Well we played for a quite a while until Suzie finally came out ahead winning $11.00 so we cashed in (got our money back plus a dollar). Then watched the free slot tournament for a while and decided not to stand in line to play. We had to be there at 4 o'clock to see if we won and had no intentions of hanging around that long.
        Soon we headed upstairs for the lunch buffet and it was awesome, only $6.00 each and all we could eat, way to many choices, salads, pasta, potato dishes, different types of fish, shrimp chicken, turkey, pizza, vegetables, chinese, desert you name it and all fresh and hot, the salads and ice cream were cold thou, thats a good thing, yes?
very good
        Now we are not real lovers of buffets, but this one was good, and busy too, is the best time for a buffet, very reasonable and early enough in the day to let it digest before bedtime.
        Now satisfied we could not eat anymore, even had a little desert to sample too, but I left no room for a fresh made banana split! Darn.... We headed back down and thought we would try our hand again at the penny slots. Why not its a yukky day anyway. So another $5.00 each and away we go, once again we did pretty good, my money ran out after about 30 minutes but Suzie was on a roll. Finally we had enough of this fun and she cashed in her winnings of $30.00. So not a bad few hours of entertainment that we had. A total of $20.00 onto the slot machines, winnings of $41.00, deduct our half price lunch buffet of $12.00. We ended up leaving the Casino $9.00 richer than when we entered. Hey that's even better than free!
        On  our way back we drove around for a while taking note of all the empty lots near the water, on the waterfront and even a few blocks from the ocean, still some driveways and sidewalks to nowhere. Remnants of once nice fences where there was obviously homes or buildings that were here before Katrina some 7 years ago.
        Across the bridge to the beach front in Ocean Springs a few more remnants, this one below a huge cement structure completely gutted but the walls still standing.
this was an impressive place at one time
the new bridge across the bay
Something embedded in this tree from Katrina
not much left here either
        We just drove about Ocean Springs checking out the area and came across a couple discount stores we have not been in before. So wandered about them looking for things we just had to have and spend our $9.00 Casino profit on. Well it took a while but managed to spend exactly that amount  with a mess on new dish clothes for Suzie and some aromatic cedar thingys for our closets, now our house smells like a huge cedar chest.
        Today we got out and about to explore a bit have a large tasty lunch (no supper tonight) can read and compute for a while, walkabout the resort. Then before we know it the day is pretty well done. 
         Just wanna thank y'all for stoppin by again, we got lucky today hope you did too!

Check out the map below to see where we have been this winter
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  1. Hey, what a great day you had !!

    The food looked really good, we love a good buffet.

    Funny that your rig smells like a cedar chest !!

    Take care ... TnT

  2. We're normally not big fans of buffets either but we find super ones every once in a while. You played it right at the casino. We always hope to walk out with more than we walked in with but it doesn't happen as often as we'd like.

  3. I would be right there for the buffet!

  4. Any day that you can beat the one armed bandit is a good day, food looks great too!

  5. Now that's what we're talking about. Gotta love it when you can leave with food in your stomach and more money in your pocket that when you entered. I think Kevin and I ended up about $30 richer when we left Biloxi. Since when is 50 considered a senior?

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. Since they say it is at the Casino I guess? In Canada its 65, go figure.

  6. Sounds like you Wild Bunch did have a great day and lots of fun.

  7. The best thing about Casinos to me are the buffets as I seldom gamble anything. Glad you came out a winner!


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