Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Hanging out enjoying more sun!

Where are we today ?
        Here we are in Pass Christian Mississippi just enjoying the sunshine and hanging out. Not really used to staying in one place for too long, but thought we would try it this year for a change. Two weeks here and there (thats why we love our membership camping, ten dollars a night or free camping) and not put on too many miles, we have really not spent a lot of time in these areas, so we can check them out. What is nice about spending a couple weeks in these places is that you really get a feel of what its like and get to know some local people. We are missing Arizona, but a little late in the winter season to head that way, only 77 days left and we need to be back in Ontario! 
        As with most winter snowbird destinations the weather is a crap shoot and no matter what still better that what we would having to deal with back home. And it's pretty good right now.
        So today no plan, just hang out enjoy the sunshine, walkabouts the resort, compute, chat with a few people here and there. Did a little bit of maintenance on our coach, cleaning out storage bins etc..... It is such a really nice place just to hang out and putter. No pressure or need to go anywhere or do anything for that matter.
        Our friends Denis and Sandy said adios about 7:30 this morning and are making their way across the south west states, exploring places they have never been. We will catch up with them again in the next year or two on the road again. But do keep in touch via blogs and email.
a real nice campsite, awesome day
         With the blues skies and sunshine we even had time to relax and read for a while, after all our chores were done. We do this until it starts to get too cool outside just about (exactly) 4:42 pm.
        Perfect timing for it to cool down. I can fire up our Weber to grill a couple salmon fillets (with a dill sauce I made), some zucchini, add to some almost plain rice, a slice of garlic bread and we have a very tasty supper.
salmon w/dill sauce soo good.
         Ok there ya go thats it for today wonderful, awesome, amazing, fantastic and even pretty good. Glad that you dropped by to see that we did not do much other than enjoy some very nice weather, (but thats why we are here right?) hope you had a good day too!
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  1. Any day with the beautiful sunshine with moderate to warm temps and no snow with below freezing temperatures is a good day. Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Hey, at least you got some great weather again!

  3. Keep that sun shining. That's what we like to see in the winter months. It sure beats the snow.

  4. Good to have sunny days, some good home-cooked food and happiness!

  5. Another great how bout the details the salmon. DId you just put the salmon on foil and cover with sauce and clost the Weber lid or is their more to the story or recipe?

    1. Recipe is under the recipe tab above. Cook salmon on foil then put sauce on after the salmon is done.


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