Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Ready to relocate tomorrow and a few chores.

Where are we today ?
Arkona Ontario
        What can I say just another great fall day. Started off with clouds and rain, but pretty mild 60f (15c). But by late morning the rain ceased and not too bad at all. After a few groceries in town Suzie sorted the laundry and I took it out to the machines (next to our campsite) and just let those machines do their work. 
        Then Suzie did the standard dusting and vacuuming before we leave tomorrow. I wrapped the christmas gifts, we picked up yesterday, then we are almost done our chores for the day. Next we went thru stuff we have not used for a while and purged. Yes the Good Will box is just around the corner in town, so we helped them out too. Check our tire pressures and all is good to go.
        While driving back and forth to town I noticed that the leaves are changing more every day so just had to snap a few quick pics to share, soon they will be gone, hmm..... and so will we.
         After relaxing and reading outside for a while thought we would drop by and visit Trish and Jordan, chat for a bit and say our goodbyes, see y'all in the spring and have a good winter. We are leaving in the morning, back to the farm for our Canadian Thanksgiving weekend, Turkey dinners with all our families, great get-togethers and a couple doctor appointments. 
Trish and Maggie
         Back home to fire up our Weber Q, throw on a pepper squash (wrapped in foile with butter and brown sugar), a nice pickerel fillet, add a rice pilaf and we are having another great supper, so easy and tasty and always a great time to catch up and chat.
pickerel fillet and squash
really hit the spot
        Supper done, Suzie whipped up the dishes, I took out all our garbage, stow the awning,  Weber, and lawn chairs, so they are not damp with the morning dew and we will be ready to pack up and hit the road in the morning, whenever the spirit moves us, usually around 9 am.
        Had another great fall day here, with only a couple hours rain in the morning, really getting itchy and ready to hit the road again. Just 14 days to go!
        Thanks for dropping by and just hanging out with us today.

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  1. Fall is definitely is showing up with the changing of the leaves.

  2. What is a pepper squash? Looks like an acorn squash from where I'm sitting.

    1. Pepper Squash/ Acorn squash one in the same. Check here


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