Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Tues, Feb 14th Happy Valentines Day!

Thanks for joining us on our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006

Where are we today ?

        Valentines day and we we are enjoying the warm temperatures and sunshine of southern Arizona together, Awesome!
        Sunny and still a bit windy but we are just hanging out. Coffees, computing , stretching, walkabouts and I went to the Home Depot to investigate some new flooring products for our coach.
love the shadows in the hills
         Now that my back is feeling so good I can get back to puttering around a bit, things I like to do like, wash our windows inside and out, wax the front of our coach again, so the bugs slide off, we are on the road thursday morning.

        Well before we knew it was 4:15pm and we had to go to the clubhouse for a Valentine's dinner and dance. Got tickets for this special occasion the other day limited to 90 people so blew the bundle and dug deep to pay the $6.00 per person.
social time (happy hour) before super
        Now for $6.00 we had to bring our own beverages other than coffee and juice. But this included a spare rib supper, with baked potatoes, beans, salad, garlic bread and cake for desert. This was a nice meal and social time from 5 till 7pm. Oh and lots there for seconds too, no need to go hungry here.

        We sat at a table for four and met another nice couple from Wisconsin, so we had plenty of time to chat and socialize over dinner.
a picture of us
Stewart and Marylin from Wisconsin
        For the dance was a Karaoke run from a laptop, with a wireless microphone and a couple of excellent singers that got really involved with the crowd.  Just great dancing music and very entertaining as well.  I felt so good my back got lotsa exercise on the dance floor.

we were even dancing, lots
        After an hour or so they we handing out chocolate dipped strawberries to nibble on and we played a few games.

        This game we paid .50 cents for a balloon and had to break it,  a lot of laughs here, to get a prize. 
Add caption
Suzie breaking her balloon
our balloon prizes
        Then later a short break to draw for a whole mess of prizes, buffet lunches, and suppers at the Casinos in Laughlin even a free hotel and spa certificate. We didn't win any but had fun. Then more dancing and fun until finally us old guys had to come home after all it was after 10pm , way past my bedtime!
        An excellent Valentine's Day with the one I love, what more can we ask for, sunshine, warmth, good health, a great dance, meeting new people, a nice meal I did not have to cook and Suzie did not have to do the dishes, and it did not break the bank. We are so lucky to be able to live our dream.
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  1. I love your enthusiasm, your positive energy, your appreciation of your lifestyle and of course Sue! It's contagious! Keep on keepin' on!

  2. Lou:

    Thanks for stopping by. Is there any other way to live?

  3. Sounds like a party and a very full full eveinng of fun.

  4. You clean up pretty good for an old guy.

  5. Larry:

    Look who's talking, you older than dirt!

  6. Ahhh ... What an amazing day you had.

    I agree with Lou, we love your positive attitude !!

    Have fun ... TnT


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