Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, February 03, 2012

Thurs. Feb 2nd, Parker to Bullhead City AZ

Thanks for joining us in our journey of North America
 in our Holiday Rambler, since August 2006 

 Where are we Today ?

        A wonderful sleep in the casino parking lot and nice sunrise today, no picture thou of it, I was too busy walking about the parking lots at 7:30 am looking at all the rv's and desert race cars.This weekend is the Parker 425  and from what I was told by some of these rver's it is 425 miles of desert racing not far from the casino. A lot of money in these expensive fun toys!
nice jeep
two trucks in this trailer
the desert sound system
desert ready street trucks
        Its just amazing to see all these rv's in the parking lot of the casino.

here we are
        This race would have been a fun time, dirty, dusty and loud, but we had planned to relax in a membership resort in Bullhead City after three weeks of desert dirt ourselves, its hard to turn down two weeks of free camping with full hookups. Especially when Suzie is so looking forward to it.
two days to go 138 miles
        We headed north on 95 thru the desert and Lake Havasu City. Enjoying the scenery of desert golf courses, the Colorado river and Lake Havasu. We by passed the famous London Bridge here, been there done that in 2007 and were disappointed, nothing exciting and not much more than a tourist trap. We did notice a few wind gusts while driving along, but did not appear too bad. Then We stopped at a rest area to stretch a bit stepped outside and was just about  blown away wow! Our coach is handling real well now after the new sway bar bushings.

        So across the river to California then to Needles and back across the river to Arizona we had a short cut! Yep it's short all right, low bridge clearance only 8 feet oopps! We are 11ft 9 inches, no problem we just  take the long cut.
warning low bridge!  OOPPSS.
        Now this other bridge (over the river) has a large sign advising "danger no jumping" from the bridge, and I did not notice until after I down loaded the pictures this huge memorial cross and flowers hanging from the bridge, so sad these accidents have to happen.
       A few minutes later we are heading down the main street of Bullhead City towards the resort.

main street Bullhead City
        Now right on the Colorado right we turn right to the resort. Turning left takes us across the river, into Laughlin Nevada a different time zone and a world of Casinos.
Colorado Belle Casino
        Ok Ridgeview resort here we are.
        We had stopped to make a sandwich for lunch in the Home Depot parking lot across from Laughlin so we could just check in and set up.
our site with a cement patio
        Looking down the road we can see a couple of casinos on the strip in Laughlin.
Riverside casino across the river 
        Now setting up Suzie vacuumed the coach real well to get rid of some of the dust and dirt accumulated from camping in the desert. Putter around a bit then, still very windy so I whipped up a nice inside supper of garlic shrimp pasta with a tossed salad and garlic toast.
tasty garlic shrimp pasta
        Supper done time to read and compute for a while and a bit of tv, can relax once again. Just love finding new places to stay.
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  1. Contessa:

    Yep for sure, the Casinos are at the end of our street. I believe we have players cards for every casino there!

  2. interesting spot...enjoy....great looking supper too....glad the coach handled good since the repairs :)

  3. Very happy to hear your rig is handling well in the wind.
    Also very happy for Suzie to get her resort style park.
    Have fun ... TnT


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