Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Friday, November 19, 2010

Thurs. Nov.18th, 2010 Tombstone AZ

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Crystal Palace Saloon, Tombstone
      Well another fantastic Arizona day. This morning we had a visit from the Vanstones and the dogs Buster and Angel before they got packed up to travel. Them along with Bob and Marjorie were moving all the way to Tombstone (16 miles) for the night with their coaches, before heading into Mexico. The plan is to sightsee about the town, sample the eating establishments and of course a few saloons.

      We drove our car and met them there about 11:00am as they were setting up in the teeny tiny rv park (Wells Fargo Rv Park) located 1/2 block from the OK Coral on Allen St. the sites were so small the Bob and Marjorie could not even open their slide outs, until the neighbour left the park. This was the perfect place for them to park to camp for the night. Walking distance to everything they wanted to see and do, they could return to check on their dogs throughout the day and walk home when the day was finally done. We were celebrating Marilyn's birthday (which is friday) and Bob's birthday just passed. 

      Well we set out to enjoy the day and that we did. Starting with an interesting narrated stage coach ride around town. This was followed by a tasty lunch at Big Nose Kates and the atmosphere of the old west, pretty well all over town. Again walking the boardwalks and checking out the shops was fun. Then into the OK Coral for the story of the Historic Gunfight and the shoot out. Where Wyatt Earp, Doc Holliday, Virgil and Morgan Earp fought the Clantons and McClaurys on October 26th 1881. This was pretty well done and interesting followed by a 25 minute Historama narrated by Vincent Price. All around this theatre was quite a few original posters advertising some of the movies made about this famous gunfight, around 29 different versions of it. Following this they checked the dogs and walked along Allen street to the Birdcage Theatre.

      Then we checked out a few more shops, and picked up our free copy of the Tombstone Epitaph,  then stopped at the Crystal Palace Saloon, for some history, sights and of course satisfy a thirst, (caused by the dry Arizona air I am sure). By this time it was after 4:00 pm, they had to walk the dogs and go out for supper, and we had to drive home before we partied too much. A great day was had by all.
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  1. Looks like you had a fun visit in Tombstone! Don't forget we want to visit with you also! Aqui!! Here!

  2. Hey George and Susie,
    Great photos of Tombstone!
    Forget the Food Guide idea....just do an entire e-mailable (for a charge of course), Tour Guide.
    Well done!
    Enjoyed our visit with you.
    Safe travels.
    Bob & Marjorie


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