Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mon. Feb. 15th

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Surfer caught the wave

    Nice bright sunny day again today. This morning we walked the beach enjoying the huge roaring waves, and surfers catching a few good ones.
A nice sight to see was a Mexican family driving down the beach on an ATV with 3 children, 2 adults, chairs, cooler, umbrella, a surf board and set up for a picnic, talk about a small family car.

   We read for a while then went to town with Tim and Cheryl and took the city bus to the Golden Zone and for a late lunch at Bar L Costa on the beach. This place was hopping, bands playing, dinning tents on the beach , TV cameras etc.... But they had a seat for us. In fact right beside us was a band playing to a table across from us very good but loud Mexican music. We did enjoy the entertainment sights and real good seafood lunch/supper. 
      After this it was about 5:15pm so we got a Pulmonia to take us back to the water taxi. Sections of the Malecon were closed preparing for another parade on Tuesday and our driver toured us around and all the way down thru Olas Atlas, which is set up for the street party every night of Carnaval. Now this was a treat to see, so many huge Bandstands, Beer tents, bars, and vendors on about a 1 mile stretch of ocean front street that is closed down around 7-8pm when the party begins and apparently goes all night with wall to wall people until sunrise.
      Then we got the water taxi back and enjoyed a happy hour or two at their waterfront sight with a few neighbours.
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