Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Jan. 18th to 31st Mazatlan Mexico

In Mazatlan Mexico enjoying the winter months.

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Sun. Jan. 31st.
      Day of rest, after 6 days of hard  retirement we took the day off and relaxed. Sleep in until 6:30 am walkabout, chat with neighbours, read for a while, relax on the beach, chat with more people and watch them playing Boccie Ball. Happy hour with a few new friends. Then a delicious supper from the chicken lady, of BBQ'd 1/2 a huge chicken, spanish rice, 6 tortillas, and sauce, enough for 2 full meals, 80 pesos ($6.50). Then we watched a few episodes of the Beverly Hillbillies. 

Sat. Jan. 30th
       Friday night about 40 people from our park went to the baseball game in Mazatlan, but the game did not start until 8:00pm making it after midnight getting home. We did watch some of it on TV and it was a good game, tied 3-3 until the bottom of the 8th when the Venados (Mazatlan) took the lead winning 4-3. Therefore another game in the finals  tonight. 
      This morning the shrimp truck came thru our campground and we picked up 1 kilo of grande shrimp (9 per pound) for only 110 pesos ($9.00 per kilo). Then we did a walkabout and spotted a few Geckos or Iguanas, not quite sure. A tiny one on a block wall and 4 larger ones up to about 18 inches long. Sunning themselves on the rocks. Then a drive to the store spotted the locals shelling coconuts and burning the outer shells, a lot of work. Also the local Ambulance on the island with "Stone Island Squad" on the front.
      After a short happy hour we took the penga to Mazatlan then a Pulmonia into the Golden Zone to Heather's Place  for supper and The Kenny Rogers Impersonator Marty Edwards. Here we once again enjoyed Santana singing the opening act and fantastic vocals and show. You would swear Marty Edwards was Kenny Rogers on stage, a woman from the audience played a great Dolly Parton duet singing "Islands in the stream",  she did not look like Dolly but her voice was amazing. We enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner of bone-in-ham with salad, rice, scalloped potatoes, chicken, veggies, etc, and homemade brownies and cake with ice cream. A few background dancers appeared on stage as well as Ed Sullivan and Topo Gigo. We even managed to dance a few tunes as well on the parking lot dance floor.
      Another couple shared our table from Brandon Manitoba that spend 3 months here every winter. Once again an enjoyable evening and back home by  about 10:30pm.

Fri. Jan. 29th
      Another day in paradise, sunshine warm and a higher tide again. We just puttered around today planned a couple of excursions, chatted with some neighbours a walkabout or two and relaxed in the shade with a book. I stopped at the Tortilla factory and picked up some fresh made corn tortillas (1/2 kilo (18) for 6 pesos .49cents) good deal! We watch the sunset then made supper of roast pork, gravy, egg noodles and veggies. Another walkabout and a movie.

Thurs. Jan. 28th
 High tide, sunrise, rain, sunset
      Just after sunrise today I went over by the beach and noticed the high tide that came in and washed away our firepit on the beach. Thank goodness for our seawall. By noon it was humid and warm 34c (92f). But the winds picked up a bit blowing the bugs away and dark clouds came rolling in from the Sea of Cortez. By 1:30pm the temperature dropped to 24c (74f) and the skies opened up with a heavy rainfall for about 30 minutes. This washed the dust off our vehicles and a helped turn the dusty roads into wet muddy puddles. A bit later sunny again and nice. We had a happy hour with the neighbours, watched a nice sunset again, and a full moon enter the sky. Then a nice diner of a roast pork with potatoes, carrots, broccoli and a movie. 

Wed. Jan. 27th
 a Busy Day !
Meeting with friends on Cruise ship.

      We were up early as usual, watched a cruise ship come in and at 8:00 am took the water taxi to Mazatlan. We were meeting up with Sharry-lynn (who we met many years ago in Ontario while camping) and Sarah her friend arriving on the Sapphire Princess cruise ship. We walked to the cruise ship terminal and met them, chatted for a bit then took a Pulmonia to Centro Market.
      We walked about here a checked out the shops and part of the historic old town. Then we grabbed another pulmonia ( the driver spoke some English). He toured us along the Malecon (seashore) to the Golden Zone, stopped for a Starbucks coffee and carried on to seashell city. More sightseeing back down towards the water taxi we stopped in perfect time when a cliff diver was ready to dive. Absolutely amazing!!!  
      From here to the water taxi, Benji's on the beach for a garlic shrimp pizza and refreshment. Then to the campground and beach to play in the waves. We borrowed 2 boogie boards thanks to Tim and Cheryl and had a ball with these. Sitting on the beach next to Sharry-lynn was our neighbour from Port Perry Ontario (where she was born), they are in the same type of business and his friend was her high school teacher talk about a small world.  By 3:00 pm it was time for them to return to the ship. Water taxi back and a short walk to the Cruise terminal we said goodbye, back to the island and waved to them on their balcony as they left port. All at the same time there was 2 cruise ships and the Baja Ferry leaving port in a 1/2 hour time span, quite the sight to see.
Birthday party Campfire          
 Now after all this we relaxed for a bit then 7:00 pm a huge campfire on the beach to celebrate the birthdays of two women (Peggy and Cheryl) who just met here last year. Amazingly enough these two ladies were born the same day, in the same hospital, in the same town in Colorado, talk again about a small world. With everybody chatting and socializing, 2 birthday cakes, and a few guitars and singers we celebrated in style! Then just before the high tide we turned in for the night.
Campfire pictures.       

Tues. Jan. 26th
      We got up early this morning so we could hurry and get nothing done in time to go to the beach. Like drive to the store for a few items, but was slowed down by school children and fisherman strolling down the road, go for a walkabout but never get very far, because people actually talk to you, have a quick lunch then don't get to the beach until 1:30 pm. Now we try to relax, read a bit, swim and we even surfed the waves on Boogie boards that Joseph and Susan loaned us. (now that's a lot of fun!).
Before we know it the horses are heading home down the beach signaling us its time for a shower and happy hour. Bill has a trained poodle that brings him beer! Then we BBQ'd Chicken wings, fries with veggies and dip for supper, followed by a movie that we watched on a borrowed DVD player (thanks Debra & John), our player passed away.

Mon. Jan. 25th
Everybody's gone Surfin'

       We got up this morning and we had nothing to do all day, wow! But at the end of the day we only got it half done. With a walkabout, chat with neighbours, a few hours on the beach reading, checking out some Mexican blankets, socializing, then happy hour, BBQ'd pork chops, spanish rice for supper and a movie. Where did the time go??? We will try again tomorrow (mañana).

Sun. Jan. 24th 

A quiet day today after a late night, plus it was a bit cooler 25c (75f) with a slight breeze. We puttered around and read for a bit, then got changed and about 25 of us meet at the water taxi dock for 5:30pm. Over to the Mazatlan a couple of pickup truck taxis and a fun ride to Heather's Place for a nice buffet Turkey dinner and a Cher impersonator Lisa Irion.  
      The regular bilingual singerSantana warms us up with some great Pop American and Spanish tunes. Then a delicious buffet turkey dinner complete with mashed potatoes and cranberries and of course a few mexican dishes. Cher came on and did her fun show of great singing, and interaction with the audience. A duet with Sonny, 5 female backup dancers and 4 male volunteers. Between sets Santana and Kenny Rogers impersonator sang a few songs for us. His show will be on here for the next 2 weekends. After her last song we had our picture taken with her. Then we all hopped in our truck taxi then the water taxi to Stone Island, and home to relax.
Sat. Jan. 23rd
Too Much Fun!!
      Saturday morning and the weekend is here!!! Not that it matters much, everyday is the weekend for us. We puttered around today, chatted a bit and a walkabout. At 3:30pm a few people got together for a tailgate party at Bob & Bonnie's next door. There was BBQ'd Hot Dogs, finger food and lots of snacks. This was in preparation for the Baseball game in Mazatlan, that about 30 of us are heading out for. This is the Final Series of the Mexican Pacific League with the Mazatlan Venados (Deer) against Naranjeros (Orange Growers) of Hermosillo. 
      At 5:00 pm we piled into vehicles to the water taxi. Across to the mainland and a few pulmonias to the Baseball Stadium. Typical traffic and large crowds that you would see for any sporting even.
      Once inside the stadium, the sights, sounds and smells of BBQ'd food was amazing. Colourful, loud and fun!! We found our seats and the beer vendors found us, (18 pesos each $1.47 Canadian) good price for a ball game. (Almost everything here is sponsored by Pacifico the huge Brewery in Mazatlan.) Our reserved seats were  191 pesos ($15.64 Canadian each).
Now the fun begins, the loud music, banter among the fans, cheering on the teams, fun interaction with the Mexicans,(they sure know how to have a good time), the antics of the Mascots and even a good ball game except  Mazatlan lost 4-2. A quick three hours of some of the best entertainment we have had in a long time.
       Following the game we met with some of the others inside the gate and 8 of us got in the back of a pick-up taxi. I guess somebody was hungry so we traveled thru the traffic with loud music the driver put on for us, and our "Fear the Deer Sign" out the back, waving at everybody we headed into the Golden Zone to Panchos Restaurant on the beach for late snack. 
      After this we walked back to the main street trying to find a pickup to take the 8 of us to the water taxi. Standing on the curb with our sign still hanging, more cheers from passing cars and honks for our support of the Venados. No luck with a pickup so we got Pulmonias to take us to the water taxi. The nightlife here is fantastic, nightclubs, bars, cars,people sightseeing and young people just having a great time. About 30 minutes later thru heavy traffic we arrived at the water taxi dock.
      Well its midnight and the regular service is done for the day, but, an old fellow showed me how to turn on the big red light that summoned a boat from Stone Island to come and pick us up. With a load of partying Rv'ers and a few Mexicans we got back to the vehicles and finally home to bed.
Sat. Pics    

Fri. Jan. 22nd 
      Well, we woke up early this morning excited about another sunny day and completely undecided as what to do. We watched some beach volleyball, puttered around for a bit, then hoped in our car with "no particular place to go" and headed on down the beach a few miles, in search of sea shells and sand dollars. No luck, but we did have a nice drive beside the surf in a world all to ourselves.   
      Back to the campground we grabbed our chairs and books and sat on the beach to read for a while and go for a swim. Some people suggested that we check out a restaurant (that the muffin lady gave us all menus for) down the beach for our happy hour. At 4.45 pm we gathered on the beach and walked about 15 minutes to the Estrella Del Mar.  I am sure when a couple of dozen people wander in off the beach to this empty restaurant they were flabbergasted. Some menus were handed out and drink orders were being taken. Margaritas, pinacoladas, cocolocos, and cervasa. After an hour or so  they were still fumbling over drink orders and no attempt to take food orders. But we did see a nice sunset and socialize.  So some of us headed back down the beach to Carmelitas to enjoy a great supper, then home for the evening.

Thurs. Jan. 21st

      Another day in paradise. No particular plans today, just putter about, tidy up, a bit of laundry, chat with some neighbours and relax on the beach with a book for a while. Happy hour with a few other people, exchanging stories discussing places to go and see. We  purchased tickets for the baseball game in Mazatlan Saturday night that about 25 of us will be going to, a fun time.
      Supper tonight was a BBQ'd filet mignon, with mushrooms, baked potato and garlic bread with cheese, then a movie.  
Is this legal??      

Here is a picture posted on a friends facebook as they are getting ready to go play in the Imperial Sand Dunes , southern California . Take all the toys!
Wed. Jan. 20th
      This morning we are off to Mazatlan, take the Penga then the Pulmonia to Centro Market a block from then Dentist office where Suzie got a cavity repaired for $300.00 pesos ($24.61 Canadian). 
      After the dentist we walked about the market taking in the sights and sounds of a busy tourist day with 2 cruise ships in town. We checked out Waldo's a Mexican version of a dollar store, pretty cool.
        After the Market we walked for about 40 minutes to the Malecon checking out lots of local shops and stores along the way, (very good prices in these stores). We passed a fish market along this road as well with lots of fresh shrimp, clams, oysters, squid, lobster. We will come back with a cooler one day for some. Along the Malecon for a couple of blocks then to the hearing specialist to pick up my repaired hearing aide.
      Back to the Malecon we walked a few blocks then stopped at Restaurant Playa Norte on the beach for a leisurely 2 hour lunch of Filet Diablo with rice for Suzie and me 3 chicken Quesadillas with a salad. We had plate of nachos with salsas for appetizers, a total of 5 Corona all for only $216.00 pesos ($17.72 Canadian). We were entertained here by the Pelicans diving for fish just a few yards from our table. 
      After lunch we strolled the Malecon for a bit then grabbed a pulmonia back to the penga and returned home to Tres Amigos for a relaxing after noon with a book in the shade. Later while  checking out the sunset the Cruise ship Sapphire Princess was leaving port, an impressive sight. Then a late light snack for supper, a hot dog wrap! and a movie.
Wed. Pics     

Tues. Jan. 19th
      On monday night while watching our movie the dvd player quit, but we have back up, we can watch it on our laptop computer. So this morning I checked  out problem on the internet and cleaned the lens and oiled the rails. I put it back together and it will still not play a DVD movie, but it will play a music CD? The VCR still works, so will  be on the lookout for a new one some day. By the time I was done with this and a walkabout it was noon. 
       So a bit more puttering about, chat with neighbours and read on the beach for a while. Then its happy hour and say goodbye to Bill and Marylin from British Columbia who are leaving in the morning heading further south. They are traveling in a pickup truck with a tent on the back or renting accommodations occasionally from friends.
       Then we watched another sunset on the beach and supper of panfried fish and french fries for supper. This is the end of our delicious fresh fish caught in Ontario on Stoney lake, thanks guys! 

Mon Jan. 18th
      A nice sunrise this morning and we have a mission today, defrost fridge, fill with beer and finally off to Mazatlan. We took the penga (water taxi) to town and a pulmonia to the Golden Zone/ "Zona Dorada". This is the tourist area with all the big hotels, shops, restaurants, nightclubs and bars. A monday morning there is not too many crowds so was nice browsing the streets and lane ways checking out the various vendors. 
      After a few hours walking about and checking restaurants we found most are serving breakfast at noon and some very expensive (tourist area!). We stopped at the Jungle Juice Restaurant for lunch and enjoyed a tasty lunch of Shrimp enchaladas and Shrimp tacos for reasonable price.
      We walked a bit more after lunch then a pulmonia back to the pengas, and back to our village on Stone Island. Here we relaxed and read for a while, enjoyed a happy hour with a few neighbours, then watched another nice sunset. No supper tonight just a small snack and then a movie. 

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  1. looks like you two are having a grand time...seems like a paradise!
    Tim and Ellen

  2. Hi to you busy bee!! Hope your day is good.

  3. Yeah, this is a tough job (retirement) but somebody's gotta do it. I only do a five day work week.
    But George, 'sleeping in' is NOT 6:30!!!!
    Tim & Ellen


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