Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, November 22, 2008

November after the Cruise

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Sun. Nov. 30th Some light frost overnight and another beautiful sunrise coming in the front window of our coach. The temperature climbs quickly and our window thermometer shows, 122f (51c) by 10am in the sun, but in reality its only 78f (25c), nice enough. Did a little christmas shopping for grand kids today, putter about outside and relax in the shade, then BBQ a chicken for supper. Doesn't get much better than this.

Sat. Nov. 29th Tombstone founded by Ed Schieffelin Warmer this morning, a good day to take a short trip to Tombstone only 23 miles. One of my favorite places to visit. A busy saturday is always good as all the shops are open, shows happening, cowboys and "Ladies" wandering the streets in period costume. We walk the sunny side of street in the morning, in and out of the various shops, filled with Indian Crafts, Jewelry, western wear and lots of cowboy hats and boots. There is gunshops, and numerous restaurants. Stage coach rides and a few places like the OK Corral, Six Gun City etc where they stage gunfights and western shows. The street gunfights are no longer allowed. You can even take a tour of a silver mine. Museums like the Birdcage Theatre and The Tombstone Court House. All with tails of the Old West, with the likes Doc Holiday, Wyatt Earp, Bat Masterson, Johny Ringo, the Clayton Gang and so on. From here we found ourslves in Big Nose Kate's Saloon again (Kate Being a long time companion/common law wife of gun fighter Doc Holiday). Always an enetrtaining place to grab a bite to eat with good service and decent pub style grub. This place really has an atmosphere of the old west, with the gunfighter ecsorting you to your table and the singer blending right in, except for the TV screen in the corner with the football game on. On the drive home we went thru a boarder patrol checkpoint, which they have close to the Mexcian border and were asked for our passports, 1st time ever. Another interesting fun day in southern Arizona. Tombstone Pics 

Fri. Nov. 28th Another cool rainy drizzly morning, but rain stopped and sun came out so not too bad. Lunch was 2nd Chance Thanksgiving, more turkey, gravy, dressing, potluck dishes, a huge pot of awesome turkey soup and lotsa desert, cost was "donations" so real good deal. There was only 54 people today for lunch. After lunch we took a 45 minute drive to Pearce for the Old Pearce Holiday Festival east on I-10 to Dragoon road. There is beautiful scenery and views the huge strange rock formations in the desert and everchanging mountain views with the sun and clouds. Thru the tiny village of Dragoon in the shadow of the Dragoon Mountains. We arrived at Pearce. The Main street was was closed and we parked in a field. The old buildings were alive with vendors, animals and people. A blacksmith showing his operation and a band playing on the street. There was lots of crafts and vendors and everything had to be produced or made by the vendor, local artisans. We chatted with a few and found one couple with a leather booth "Roadkill Salvage Leatherworks" were from northen Ontario and spend there winters in Arizona making some very nice buckskins and leather products. We then returned thru the desert past a few stores irrigated fields ( in circles), pecan orchard and a pistachio orchard. And the empty roads and barren land, what a peaceful feeling. Fri. PICS Thurs. Nov. 27th Cool rainy day in Arizona, with a bit of sunshine, about 60 f (15c), This is the American Thanksgiving Day, Macey's Parade on TV in the morning and our potluck Thanksgiving Dinner in the clubhouse at 1:00pm only $2.00 each and bring one side dish. They supply the Turkey (6 of them) and gravy, coffee & juice. Two turkeys were deep fried and real yummy. There was about 60 people there with good variety of main dishes and lots of great deserts. The one couple beside us was from Ontario, Rock Glen Resort in Arkona (our home park), we have to go to Arizona to meet our neighbours! After walking off lunch we relaxed and did some computing, talked to a few neighbours and watch a couple of movies on TV. It's been a long time since we actually watched TV for more than 1 hour. We did a lot more of that when we were working, no time now. No supper tonight just a small snack. more pics

Wed. Nov. 26th Starts off cooler today, cloudy and supposed to rain. Well we had an Arizona 2 inch rainfall, it lasted 5 minutes and the drops about 2 inches apart. The sun came out and about 78f (26c) for the rest of the day. At noon we went to the clubhouse and checked out the craft sale and chatted with some of the other rvers/ Following this we took a short drive to the Singing Wind Bookshop. Out of town about 2 miles we turn onto Singing Wind Rd. and down a dirt trail in the desert past a few abandoned vehicles and we see a small ranch house. We pull into a small parking lot and see a very weather beaten sign telling us we are here. Over the sign is a huge bell and sign that says ring for service, nice door bell!! Well the shop was open so we walked in and the owner got Carol to give us a tour of their very unique bookshop, an independent bookseller since 1974 with thousands of books on the American Southwest plus more. This gem of a store is quite interesting as is the owner. And still a little old fashioned accepting only cash our checks. From here we returned home to make a batch of coleslaw for the Thanksgiving Potluck dinner tomorrow. more pics Tues. Nov. 25th A little cooler today, but still about 20c most of the day and overcast. Went into town about 1 mile and checked out some local areas and visited the Tourist Office to see what's happening. Benson is a small town with 3 traffic lights a couple grocery stores, a Super Walmart, some local and fast food restaurants, a nice clean place. Close to lots of things, most we have seen, but enjoy the area. Did some more research and outside cleaning of our coach and chat with a few neighbours. Then helped Suzie scan some documents for her Geneology program. For supper reheated the left over fried chicken on the BBQ and made some fried rice , yummy. 

Mon. Nov. 24th Benson Arizona Population 3.824 We are having a relaxing day, enjoying the beautiful warm weather 80F (26c) sunny and clear Arizona skies. The view is just beautiful as usual with the mountains in the background. Not a lot of people here yet as the season is early and less people traveling due to the economy. I walked about the campground and really love the Wash ( dry river bed that fills up when the monsoon rains come). Trees, shade, cactus and sandy. Everywhere you walk these little prickly things stick to you shoes, my bare feet, or socks, and manage to some how a few make their way onto our carpet inside. I checked out the license plates and people from all over, 1 vehicle from Alaska and various northern states. For supper get the BBQ out and cook some pork chops and potatoes. Mon Pics 

Sun. Nov. 23rd 400 miles today -->After a beautiful Arizona sunset. we are up early this morning check email have some coffee and on the road once the sun comes up. We head out at 7.30am from the rest area and 10 miles change time zones so now 6.30 am. About 2 hours further we pulled into the El Paso Rest area to stretch and and as I got out of our coach this woman was jumping, and waving her arms at me from across the parking lot. Lucille and Jim from Nova Scotia, that we met 2 years ago in Quartzsite and ran into again last year. We chatted for a while caught up and carried on our way. small world. Driving I-10 in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona such vast barren land, thousands of miles of rolling hills brush, and flat land, quite beautiful, peaceful and exciting all at once. Every once in a while a small town or city, or an abandoned gas station, or restaurant, even a ghost town. The signs for dust storms and warnings. We even s aw an old cowboy fueling up his truck complete with the hat, dennin, cowboy boots, spurs, large knife and six gun and holster ( check picture here). Just before Benson we were at 5,000 ft. elevation in a rest area with beautiful rock formationS in the area. Then all downhill for 12 miles to the campground at, 3,500 ft elevation. We arrived here at 3.30pm and set up camp, awesome 85f (32c) day. Now realx a bit and have supper, Awesome Broasted chicken right next to our park. More pics 

Sat. Nov.22nd 370 miles today Arrived at Culberson County rest area at 3.00pm Another nice day of traveling, not a lot to see, lots of Interstate 10 and the rolling hills and vast lands of Texas. Good roads, the speed limit being 80 mph (125kph) and people still speeding. Have free internet again , will make use of it. We did see a lot of road kill, mostly deer, so many I quit counting at 40. We fueled up today $2.09 gal but 33% exchange on Canadian dollar so .77 cents a litre, still a good price. a few pics

Fri. Nov. 21st. Met Suzie 18 years ago today!!! What a way to change my life. Thanks Suzie Love you. Now we pack up early and get on the road 9.00 am to head thru Houston to follow I-10 all the way to California many miles. We traveled 300 miles today and stopped for the night at a secure Texas rest area for the evening with free Wifi, in Kerr county about 1 hour past San Antonio. Fueling was a treat $1.82 a gallon is .65.9 cents a litre at 25% exchange rate

  Thurs. Nov. 20th A bit more research, do laundry and enjoy the nice weather again.

  Wed. Nov. 19th We puttered around a bit did some more loading programs on my computer and did some research & planning for the winter. And seeing as the economy and investments are not doing too well and the Canadian dollar is only worth .75 cents US we decided it would be more cost efficient to stay in the southern US states drive less and use our membership campgrounds to their full extent, than do our Mexico trip this year. This would save us a few thousand dollars and we will still be warm and exploring.

  Tues. Nov.18th I spent a most of the morning setting my computer up. Luckily I had back up everything in mid september (some 20,000 pictures) and had posted our Blog (that I had worked on all week)yesterday with over 300 pictures from the cruise. I was only missing a few pictures but had fortunately had emailed them to friends and family and was able to get them from my Gmail on the web.(Gmail keeps mall you emails) Later that day Rob & Pat from Durham Ontario came over and we cooked our 13 lb turkey , (Squeezed it in the oven) mashed potatoes, brocoli and cheese sauce.

  Mon. Nov. 17th I was up early wanting to post our Blog from the cruise and the many pictures that I had taken. about 4 hours later I was done. A nice warm day so I will wash our coach top to bottom. A little later my computer crashed. Would not boot up at all, the blue screen of death!!!!! New camping friends Steven and Janice, from Ottawa were here and he happens to be a computer geek. Well he worked on it all day but was unable to retrieve any data at all. But did finally reformat the hard drive and re-install windows XP. What a frustrating day for him, especially as they were leaving in the morning for Rockport Texas.

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