Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, March 06, 2019

Amazing hot weather and good friends joined us today .

Where are we today ?
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     Even warmer again overnight so nice sleeping with our windows open and here the coyotes yipping in the distance. Now after a great sleep up at 5 am to find the outside temperature 60F darn this is wonderful. Got coffees and computing done enjoyed the nice sunrise then out for my first walkabout at 7:30 in my shorts gonna be another hot day with some SE winds.
     On my walk I passed this very interesting trailer and it was For Sale so I had to stop and take a peek. The owner came out and had to show me the inside. This is a one of a kind built by some sheet metal workers, that he picked up as a project, The interior had water damage so he gutted it and has been redoing the inside. Lots of storage and nice counter, stove fridge a murphy bed . He has been working on for only 6 weeks and is doing an amazing job, It can be yours for only $7,500.00.
what a cool looking trailer
taillights from 1956 Oldsmobile 
he is doing a lot of work inside
very nice when it is done

murphy be  and kitchen table
           Now also saw some Gambles Quails and even a couple of Roadrunners, but just too fast for me to get any pictures of them.
so many different campsites and setups
this chola cactus is getting buds
very high cactus here
they have a community happy hour here on Friday
      After a light lunch I took a drive around Gunsight wash BLM again getting very busy here now , mostly in the northern section southern part pretty quiet.
gunsight wash
      Back home by noon getting quite warm 84 F, But our patio (sunny) side has the wind coming at us with gusts to 28 mph. So no awning deployed today. But we can enjoy the shade on the other side of our coach and be quite comfortable in our shorts enjoying our e-readers.
patio side to hot and windy in the sun
so this side a different view and quite comfortable
this is the weather we are here for
       Our week is up tomorrow, to continue heading our journey home. Now why leave WHY? We still have 34 days to get back home to Ontario, we are not in a hurry to get back into colder weather. So we decided, heck lets stay another week. No reservations, because we are not sure which way will head home, that we can play by ear.
      Enjoying a wonderful very warm day in the shade and we were surprised when good friends pulled in to join us Ron and Loree from Rock glen resort back home in Ontario. Thought they might drop by, did not expect them this soon,  Wow what a very nice treat. Glad to see you guys again!
First thing we see is Freddy; gotta love this dog
he is such an amazing pet that we love 
    They have  nice spot not too far from us and got set up.
they are right there not far away
nice to see these guys again, Freddie,
Ron, Loree, and Suzie
       They got set up and we joined them for Happy Hour at 3:30  in the shade by their coach. We shared stories and flapped our gums  for a while.
always nice to hook up with these guys
Freddie relaxing in the shade 
    Soon time for us to head home and whip up supper.
        A quick easy supper made our salad and grilled a couple fish fillets on our weber Q 4 minutes a side from frozen and done to perfection.
some grilled lemon to make it very juicy  
so very tasty  what a nice feast
     Then shortly after 6 pm our neighbour played Taps, time for the sunset so I whipped ou5 to catch other wonderful desert sunset.
he plays Taps every night at sunset
this is wonderful 
and another amazing desert sunset
        What a perfect desert day we enjoyed and loving this wonderful weather.  And Bonus good friends joined us as well.
      Glad that y'all joined us today and hope you had a great day as well.
Want to learn more about Membership camping at Rock Glen Family Resort ?
 click this link to book a tour 
 Where have we been this Winter?


  1. I love that your neighbour plays taps every night, that is really cool. I think you made the right choice staying another week :-)

    1. It is nice that he does that. And heck another week here in a place we enjoy with wonderful weather.

  2. No sense rushing back to the cold and snow. Stay and enjoy the nice weather. You can always make a beeline for home later.

    Nice looking RV and that is a fair price for it.

    We always sleep with our windows open, no matter how cold. However when it is minus temps, they might just be open a crack.

    1. No rush for a while but still have 2,500 miles to go. It sure is a one of a kind rv.
      Our windows are always open too just now open much wider for a cool breeze.

  3. Loved that vintage trailer!

    Bet it was nice to meet up with old friends and that they were able to find a campground close to yours.

    1. It is a very unique trailer for sure.
      Sure was a nice that they showed here, we thought maybe they might always lotsa room here too.

  4. I love love that trailer. It sure would be a conversation piece!

  5. The weather does look gorgeous.Really nice thing about this lifestyle you can stay or go as you feel like it.
    Cute and interesting little travel trailer.
    Nice to have Taps to signal the sunset.

    1. This is really perfect weather we loving it. Nice to be able to go with the flow. It is a cute trailer.
      Now I know when it is here without constantly looking.

  6. Another fine day in at Coyote Howls, with coyote howls to sing you to sleep.
    Fun little project trailer.

    1. Yes Jeff it sure was and the coyotes in the distance.
      It is a very nice looking trailer.

  7. Gosh love that little bathroom I imagine? Dinner looks awesome and a nice happy hour too!

    1. No bath room yet bit it is a cool trailer Dinner excellent and fun Happy hour too.

  8. Cute trailer. How wonderful to see friends again. Nice that you're staying for another week, got to keep warm. Enjoy time with your friends.

    1. A very nice trailer and we will stay as long as we can and enjoy this wonderful warm sunny weather .

  9. Cool trailer for sure for a single person or maybe room for two.
    Nice that Ron and Loree found you!
    Enjoy the extra week!

    1. It is a very cool trailer, Heck this weather is so amazing and at $42. a week why nor?


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