Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Monday, October 08, 2018

Thanksgiving Feast # 2 and most family to have fun with.

Where are we today ? 
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     A really good sleep last night and over slept, a good thing. This mornings walk down the road was foggy, very foggy. Down the road and back a bit over a mile and was startled when the neighbours pet almost came out to greet me. Starred me down for a bit then headed on back to his fence yard.
a nice looking pet they have 2 of these Llamas
         So we are in no big rush to get on the road for the 2 hour drive to my daughter's in Aurora. Left just after 10 am and arrived shortly after noon. lots of traffic but no slow downs, and still foggy. So no nice fall pictures today.
         As usual we the first ones here so got to chat for a while with Daughter # 1 SIL and the grands our a bit.
grandson # 3 weight lifting their Golden Doodle Fergie
       Everyone had arrived and the turkey I prepped the other day was heated up so I thickened the gravy so we could enjoy an earlier supper. The weather not nice for playing outside no pumpkin carving this year, I did bring 8 small ones they can all take them home and do at another time.
me thickening the gravy
Suzie and I having fun with the kids and grands
     All the grands were here, nice to hang out with their cousins again and have fun.
Granddaughter #1
Grand daughters 2 and 3
my daughter on the right
DIL on the left
some wonderful expressions
now the 4 boys down stairs having fun with a video game
Grand Daughter number 2 looks like her Dad
my son check the next picture
this my son at  3 years old 45 years ago, what do you think?
the 2 young ones and Fergie having fun
soon time for another feast 2 trays of turkey one
tray white meat the other dark meat
lots of great food here salads squash, taters, asparagus and even lasagna
dig in
today I used a small plate better to portion control 
she loves her food
this table for the Grands right beside us
fun family times and tasty food
all gluten free except the 1/2 pie on the left
cousins having fun
they don't talk but having lotsa laughs
    That was another fun  Thanks giving get-together with my 3 kids their spouse and the 8 grands so nice that we could all be there. before we head on out for the winter months.
     Thanks for dropping by and hope you had a great day as well. wherever you may be. We are so blessed and have so much to be Thankful for.

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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Nice looking food set up. You have a beautiful family. Your granddaughters all have such gorgeous hair. And yes the little one with the curls looks just like her daddy. Glad you all had such a wonderful Thanksgiving

    1. Thanks JO, it is nice that we can all get together and see each other again usually a couple of times of year. And again more wonderful food.

  2. I sure do like that big kitchen island and the grand has some curly hair going for her - looks a lot like her dad.

    1. The kitchen island is wonderful they redid the kitchen this past spring and sure is nice for a large group to hang out at. Love the curly heir my son had too , really hated to cut it.

  3. Thanks for sharing pictures of your lovely family and great dinner. Your grandkids sure are cute, so is Fergie!

    1. Glad you join in with us always nice to see every one again, and Fergie is a character for sure.

  4. Another great meal and fun time with family. Your Granddaughter sure does look like your son did at 3. Cute to see that.
    Too bad you had a crappy day so they couldn't get outside.

    1. More food and inside fun amazing how she looks like her dad.

  5. Great having such a family gathering. I notice GD#3 still has her eyes on you! What was done with all the left overs? I doubt the clan could have finished off all the great looking food!

  6. It sure was great to have this gahering yes GD#3 still has this eyes, gotta love them.
    The left overs we split with the families it will not go to waste that's for sure.

  7. What a wonderful holiday dinner with family. You have some great looking children and grandchildren. The meal and desserts look great. Glad you had the opportunity to see them all together before taking out on your winter adventure.

    1. Thanks Cheri it was a feast and fun times. Nice to connect when we can.


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