Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Frost, sunshine, lawn mowing and a hockey game what a great day it was.

Where are we today ?
 clic a pic to enlarge it
      Getting colder by the day 36F at 5am and we had frost, As noticed on my first walkabout at 7:30 this morning.
yup we had frost
       Walking about town I noticed a few roofs had frost on them as well.
      Back home we cozy here and Suzie very warm under her new blanket that SIL Sandy custom made for her. enjoying her e-reader.
she is cozy here
what a wonderful sunny day we are having
     After a light lunch I took another walkabout town. Yup around the subdivisions for a change of pace got over 3 miles in so far.
newer part of town
          I was hoping to mow the 5 acres here one more time before we head south for the winter.. Only have a few more days before we leave but the mower is broken down, John is waiting for parts to get the repair done. The throttle cable was broken and he did not get the part yet, so he went see what he could do. And guess what? he made it work! So we fired up the mower and I headed on out to mow some lawn in 2 hours I got 2/3rds of it done, just the very last bit will get done this week only an hour more and I will be done for this year.
back in the saddle loving this here
the scenery back here is wonderful
       I cut back to here and stopped at 3:30pm  While I did this Suzie went to visit her Dad in New Hamburg I was done just as she came back home.
our coach the tiny white spot in the middle 
here we are the lawn looks better now
now we enjoyed a happy hour together, smelling the fresh cut grass
and warm 60 F afternoon enjoying our e-readers too
I went to the house tap for some water for dishes
we are parked behind that big tree
      Soon time for supper, tonight a 1/4 of acorn squash each , small salad and smoked  pork chop. Quick, easy and tasty.
acorn squash
these do not take long on the Weber
quick easy and no clean up
     Now for 7 pm down to the Plattsville Arena to watch Grandson #1 play hockey, his knee feels much better and he was on the ice. Nice to see him play again . The first and last time for this year for us.
while we waited I got to enjoy the smiles
 of our Grand daughter
ok time for hockey
 he is #55
these guys are fast and big 15-16years olds
a fast moving game but they are defeated 
     We waited until he was changed and gave him , his brother GS #4 and GD #3 all a hug(of course daughter and SIL) as well the last time we will see them before next spring.
and of course one more look before I post
     That was our fun busy day , really enjoyed all of it form the walkabouts  (5 miles total today) the sunshine, the lawn mowing and the great hockey game, now we can kick back and relax for what is left of the day.
     Thanks again for dropping on by.Hope you enjoyed a sunny one as well.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Love your blog have a great winter out west. We head south on the 23rd. Do you know why Patsy hasn't been bloging?

    1. I know they were working at the RV show in Toronto and have been busy.

  2. Janet, this is Patsy on Bill's laptop. Thank you for your concern. We are fine but I lost internet connection on Friday night, somehow ??? and have been at the Toronto RV show since early Saturday. Arrived home last night and hope to get to the bottom of the issue today. Grrrr.
    George, nice to see you have kept busy, at least sunny days once in a while and you can cut the grass once more. We have things to catch up on, reading and blogging being one, and some last minute things this week. Keep on enjoying that sunshine while we can!

    1. I knew you we at the RV show and figured you would have been too busy. The sunshine and warm weather was wonderful , nice to get things wrapped up here and more time with the grands.
      Good luck with your internet issues.

  3. Thanks Patsy when you look for your blog in the morning and after 4 days you start to wonder if everything is o.k. Glad everything is have a safe winter. We live in Port Perry and travel in a 37ft Monarch motorhome.

  4. I was wondering about Patsy too. It will be nice to see them soon.
    Grass looks great George and Suzie so comfy with her lovely blanket. You will miss your cute grandkids for sure. Have a good day!

    1. They have been doing this show now fora few years and enjoy it. Suzie loves her blanket so cozy and warm.
      We will miss the grands yes, but will be in touch via FaceTime etc..

  5. Definitely beginning to look like fall there. After last weeks mid 80's, we're finally getting some fall like temps with mid 50's at night.

    1. Yes Larry fall has arrived, cooler nights and cooler days.

  6. Ha!!! I see the "mower" smile on your face. Icy? It's time to leave that cold country!! I bet those kids have a blast playing hockey!! Thanks for the last look at the Grand!!

    1. Nice to get this one again and having fun on the "mower" . We ready to hit the road and head south again only 2 days left. The kids do enjoy playing their sports good exercise and team playing.
      Had to share one more beautiful picture of her.

  7. Waking up to 21 degrees here this morning! High of 59 expected. Guess Fall is really here! Love the pic of you on the mower! Suzie looks all nice and toasty with her blankie. Love the colors! That baby granddaughter is just too adorable. Those eyes! Glad your grandson was able to play once again! I messaged Patsy yesterday on FB to check on her...

    1. Yup your getting the cold as well, soon time for us all to head south again. Suzie really likes her blankie and the colors she choose as well. I do love here smiles and the eyes are amazing. Nice that his knee is good enough for hm to get pot the ice again having fun. I knew they would be ok working the Rv show.

  8. Another perfect day! Looking forward to the southbound trek. Got into acorn squash a few weeks ago, delicious!

    1. Yes Peter is sure was a wonderful day. We are looking forward to heading south again as well. We do enjoy our acorn squash, yummy.

  9. That is a whole lotta lawn! Glad you enjoy mowing it. :c)

    1. That is a lot of lawn but we love camping here, the mower is fun to drive and the lawn mowing pays the rent , Whats not to love about that.


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