Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Rain, more rain, a long day trip, visitation and see the kids again.

Where are we today ?
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      Another gonna be rainy day, but did get a couple of short walkabouts before the rain began.
then it rained and rained
      Then shortly after 10 am we secured our awning as we will be away most of the day. Going to a visitation at a funeral home in St. Catherines Ontario, Should be about 2 hr and 30 minute drive. Left at 11 am and arrived 3 hrs 30 minutes later due to very heavy rain and many traffic slow downs. We drove in very heavy rain for the first 2 hours, wipers barely keeping up. Arriving at 2:30pm met up with both my daughters, and all 3 grand daughters. Visiting for my son's spouse's (Jane's) father who passed away at a too young age of only 68.
      We waited in line all the time chatting with relatives, our son and DIL and meeting more,  for over 30 minutes met Jane's family and expressed our condolences.
our 2 youngest granddaughters
        We left there around 4 pm and decided we could stop for a bite to eat as we all had long drives home. Duffs is a neighbourhood bar that Jane took us to last fall, they have great wings and pizza and just down the road.
this be the place
       Arriving early not busy yet so we got a table for the 7 us and our friendly waitress was right there to get our drinks and take our food orders.
pictures and plaques all over the walls for the local hockey teams
nice and quiet  an lotsa room
excellent service as well
I could not resist their wings (suicide sauce on the side), fresh cut frys
 and celery carrots with blue cheese
no carbs or calories right?lol...
Suzie ordered an excellent medium Pizza so
we could take leftovers homeand we did.
nice to see these guys again, even it
it was for  funeral visitation,
and a short visit but better than none.
        We left there shortly after 5 pm and arrived back at Rock Glen just before 8 pm. Just before the rain began again! It was a long day. Now kick back relax finish this posting and call it a night.
        Thanks for dropping in and hope you a nicer less rainy day than we did.
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 Where have we been this summer?


  1. Glad that you had a safe trip. It sure did come down.

    1. Thanks, Loree we took our time better late than in an accident.

  2. Those days are never fun but the visits with family make it easier.
    Pizza looks awesome and the rain was off and on here all day but still pleasantly warm.

    1. Seeing the family does make it easier, The pizza was excellent and will be for supper tonight. Yes it was nice and warm.

  3. Funny that you are located way over there and we both seem to get rain at the same time. Pizza looks great!!!

    1. Looks like we all got rain keeps things green here too.
      Pizza excellent.

  4. 68 is way too young..condolences to your daughter in law and family. Nice that you all went and wear able to enjoy a meal together. Pizza looks wonderful gotta say. Glad your trip went well and you got yourselves home safely. Your little granddaughters are just too cute!

    1. Thanks guys. Yes it is too young. We made it there and spent tome together for a tasty meal.
      all 3 of there and they are too cute.

  5. Sad events like these are what brings family together. Sorry for your loss. The grands are too cute!

    1. Thanks Peter, but still nice to see the family pull together for these things.

  6. So very special of you to drive all that distance and back to support Jane and your son at this difficult time. The two girls are so very sweet. Rest well tonight.

    1. It is family and well do what we can to support them whenever possible,
      We did and will rest well.

  7. Want to trade some of your rain for the smoke we have here out West?...Naw, it's not fun....
    We had about 15 raindrops yesterday and a neighbor lady started dancing around on her deck as I was picking up more junk mail...


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