Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Saturday, March 25, 2017

A very nice warm day once again, enjoying the area and weather, doggie fix for Suzie too!

Where are we today ?
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     Well survived the storm, no tornado, no new rv and our coach is still in tact so we are good to go for some more uninterrupted travels, hopefully. We plan to be here until Thursday.
      A wonderful nice sunny morning and trip to town for a few supplies and a drive about Ashdown.
nice country drive into town
town square
        Back home to putter around for a while and a few more walkabouts, but mostly a cool overcast until about 1 pm. Then it got quite warm. Mid 70'sf and much warmer in the sun.
       We found a shady spot behind our coach out of the winds and was wonderful. More reading time was accomplished.
       Mid afternoon our power went out through the whole park, A few people upset , but no big deal for us. Our fridge on propane and the inverter on we are just fine. solar keeping the batteries well charged.
       The manager dropped by to tell us and we ended up chatting with her for a while very nice lady and she had along a very nice dog for Suzie's doggie fix.
        Met a couple of other neighbours all new full timers and shared some stories and answered a few questions they asked. Most campers we meet are very friendly people and easy to get along with.
a wonderful view from our patio
       Eventually time to whip up supper. Tonight a pork tenderloin on our Weber Q , grilled some fresh asparagus I found on sale ($1.47 a lb) to add to our salad.
quick and easy
oh so tasty. lean and tender
     After supper enjoyed a very warm evening reading outside and chatted with another neighbour from right behind us. They just went full-time this year as well.  Nobody has power except us too bad they don't equip all rv's for these situations. Eventually we called it a night and headed inside just after 8 pm, to finish posting this blog and relax in front of the tube for a bit before calling a night.
      We enjoyed this day with very nice weather and hope you did as well.
      Thanks for stopping on by.
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Friday, March 24, 2017

Severe weather possible today, but not to bad so far.

Where are we today ?
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     Very warm again last night but with the A/C on for a bit, then the windows open, fantastic vent going we had a very nice comfortable sleep.
      Got a few very nice walkabouts this morning enjoying this nice comfortable weather in the mid 70's f. This is a pretty nice campground we have been to a few times before. This time it is a CTC membership full hookups $10 a night with 30 amp , and extra if you need 50 amp and we managed to get some very good free wifi as well.
lots of nice rental cabins by the lake here
that huge bass I showed you last night came from this lake 
     This week here the kids are in spring break so quite a few around having a wonderful time here , pretty quiet and all very friendly. We have found over the years , different areas, states and counties  have spring break at different times so ya never know when it will be in your area. Best to check if you need to make plans in March.
they all having fun here
        No where we needed to go and nothing we needed to see in this area right now. The weather gods tell us we having some severe thunderstorms  today. Now this is what is known as tornado alley so not unexpected. We have been coming through here now for 11 years and know what to do. Check with them here at the gate and found out the young lady is with the local fire department and is a "First responder with a pager" so if there is a tornado watch comes in she is right here in the campground (with her family and children ) to move everyone to a secure building they have here. We have been through this many times before and know how to deal with it, not to panic just be prepared to evacuate our RV whenever they come or we hear the sirens. The best that could happen is we could end up alive and well with a  new rv!
        Now with this weather so far it was a great morning to whip up a nice big pot of chicken noodle soup. I had soup chicken broth I made earlier in the freezer, so out it came to be made into some tasty soup.
will get a few tasty lunches out of this
tasty? yup
        After lunch we had a bit of sunshine  and no rain for a while and got to sit outside and finish another book until after 4 pm.
        Then time to whip up supper soon. Tonight had planned  my Easy chicken pot pie recipe is HERE  or check my recipe blog top right sidebar. To go with a small salad.
easy to do and very tasty
you can make it with tuna,  pork or beef if you like
sure did the trick on a rainy, windy day
        After supper the rain continued, suppose to be 1.25 inches of  rain today but at least the wind died down. Weather should be better now we hope.
raining pretty good for a bit then
quit now
        Looks like most of the weather  system has passed for now so we can switch from our antenna local channels (watching the weather) back to our satellite dish to watch whatever shows Suzie wants to see, for the evening.
       Not really too bad of a day after all, the bad weather (tornado) did not happen so we should be good until the next time.
        Thanks for dropping in for a peek.

When we back to Canada April 12th.
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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Heading north east a bit to Ashdown Akansas

Where are we today ?
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     Another early morning and some wonderful walkabouts as the sun was rising, just to say goo bye to this area, because I can. When Suzie was ready we secured the coach and on the road at 8:30 this morning. We have only 277 miles to travel today, around Dallas and a Flying J fuel stop, not in a big hurry, but just wanted to get there in a decent time and set up for a week.
our last sunset wed night
in Whitney Texas
       Just moving on down the road a great travel day, some windy spots but mostly tail winds so was perfect. Love the amazing scenery, trees in bloom and the green grass.

 Heading north in 59, from  Texarkana TX to Ashdown Arkansas, It is a dry county here so if you need some adult beverages gotta pick then up here. 20 miles further. to Ashdown.
right at the Arkansas state line, busy place it is.
love the back roads here
we here now at 2;30pm
all nicely set up and puttered around for a while
Suzie found a shady spot to enjoy reading,
love her smile
     While enjoying the wonderful shade  a young fellow stopped by to show us his catch for the day right here at the lake across from us a nice size bass (I think). He did not want it and offered to us. But I did not feel like cleaning it.
nice catch!
        Now our neighbour took care of this catch for him. They were there with their grands, from California and gave them a lesson on cleaning a fish that they will soon cook up for a meal.
think it will be an awesome meal two
           After our busy travel day, supper tonight was Suzie's choice, something quick. Hot Dogs and Bushes Baked beans. Done on our Weber, One one of my favourites.
easy, quick so tasty and hit the spot
all done on our Weber Q
loaded hot dog and yes I like peanut butter on mine
      After supper we enjoyed another wonderful very warm evening. still 80 f at 7:30 pm with a lovely sunset, what''s not to love about that ?
       Today was done and a wonderful one it was. love our days on the road and down time afterwards for a few days.
277 miles  today
   Glad that y'all dropped buy for a visit , hope you had a great one as well.
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

New car battery and relax on another wonderful day, before we hit the road in the morning

Where are we today ?
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       I sound like a broken record, just more wonderful weather. 65 f overnight and 85 f today. No complaints here.
       But yesterday I discovered our car battery was not in very good shape. The car started  but very slowly. Ok I check it out and looks like it is done. Not surprised as it is 8 years old pretty good for a car battery,
        So first thing this morning headed down the road to the Walmart in Hillsboro, only 14 miles away. Best place to get a battery around here for a good price.
        Got there just after 8 am they checked it out and got me in line for the free installation. 45 minutes later was all done, got some shopping done and back home by 10:30.

       Spotted some more Texas wild flowers as well , they are really coming out in full force.
so wonderful to see.
        Chatted with Suzie for a bit had a bite for lunch the took a load of laundry to get done. Nice it is only $1.00 to wash and a $1.00 to dry and 5 brand new washers and dryers here as well.
     That done just puttered around a bit got some more reading done, walkabouts, check tires, etc... just enjoying this area weather. This is a tough life ya know?
more beautiful clear blue skies
         Eventually time for supper, Tonight a couple of fish burgers on in English muffin and our usual salad.
does not take long and like the grill mat for these
tasty ? yup sure hit the spot
      Now we all done here and can enjoy some more relaxing time outside chatting and enjoying our e-readers, page turning books we have.
       Hope you day was as wonderful as ours and thanks for stopping by.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Texas Bluebonnets and Indian Paint brush, Texas spring flowers

Where are we today ?
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        Just another comfortable night for sleeping , windows open and a nice breeze about 60 f overnight. We have left the desert heat and now slowly working our way back home gradually  getting used to some cooler weather. Even though it was  88 f today we will be soon getting cooler weather.
         Early morning walkabout toward the golf course here I spotted some Texas Blue bonnets right here, no need to go for my drive yesterday ! Not more than a couple of hundred yards from our site.
so amazing to see
these bluebonnets 
        We are early in the season but we have the Texas Blue Bonnets and Indian paint brush just starting to bloom.  Check some of them here  our even here if you care
Indian paint brush are red
indian paint brush
        This afternoon we enjoyed just more of this amazing weather reading outside in the shade. A few walkabouts between chapters keeps us limber.
         Then eventually time to think about supper. Tonight some grilled country style pork ribs that I marinated in the mix below for 3 hours.
          We even ran our air-conditions for a  but , just cause we could , first the front one then thereat one for a while just to exercise them and make sure they were  working ok. Not that we really needed  to only 88f inside and will cool down as the sun sets. All is good so far. Gonna be another wonderful evening.
        Now to whip up a salad, preheat the Weber Q 100 for 15 minutes, set the grill mat down on low and do what needs to be done. About  20 minutes later they were done to perfection, so tasty and tender and fall off the bone.
smells wonderful
added the rest of our coleslaw and had a feast,
again more leftovers,
easy lunches
     That was our fun day enjoying every minute of these wonderful March weather that we can. Sure beats the cold back home! We will get there soon enough.
       Now still outside at 7:30 blog posted and gonna read for a while just cause we can and the weather still good for shorts and sandals. Whats not to love about that?
      Thanks again for taking the time to stop on by and really hope your day way a great one as well !

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