Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, March 16, 2017

From Texas Big Bend, to the Texas Pan Handle, to Texas Hill country. just loving it!

Where are we today ?
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       This morning on the road  after coffees, computing and a nice walkabout, by 8 am and heading east on I-20. Nice that is overcast and no sun in our eyes. We have gone from the oil rigs and  refineries to wind mills (wind turbines)
        As usual we stop at most test areas, to stretch , just cause we can and they are here. Love the Texas rest areas !
mosaic in the men's washroon
         As we approached Abilene a slow down, Accident, oops. a trucker made a booboo. Hope he was ok, only about a 10 minute slow down no a big deal for us, bit for him ! hmmmm..
Tractor is hurting
trailer even more
    Next rest area noticed the Sherif had a van parked here, we right behind it.
the prisoners need to go too !
again love the way they do up the rest areas here in Texas

      Moving on down the road a nice water tower in Big Spring TX,
this one and next for Patsy
cool one in Cisco as well
     No off the interstate taking the back Texas back roads. and they are wonderful . Speed limits still 70-75 mph with large paved shoulders. We don't drive that fast so the normal here is if someone behind you and wants to pass, keep going on the large paved shoulders, they are happy and so are we.
finally off the interstate at exit 340 on Texas 6 heading to
Whitney TX.
    Lots of wonderful small towns and villages , one that we came across was Dulbin, and we realized that we have been here before. Thought it was home of the Dr. Pepper the Museum, a few years ago we were here and sure was a fun tour. Check out the Web site HERE. Ok, I checked it out the the museum is actually in Waco Texas, and we were there.
Dr . Pepper in Dublin TX
Museum in Waco
          We arrived at Sun Country Resort at 3 pm, checked in and got set up on a nice large pull through site, Temperature only 79 f , overcast and windy , but still great, for shorts, sandals and t shirts.
nice large site and a membership park so no overnight fees with
 FHU's for us for a week.
      Our verizon and cell phone work great too, plus we have free wifi at the clubhouse, bonus for downloads.
        Just after we set up noticed this propane guy around the park, asked if he could top our coach. No problem, he was there before me and was done in record time.  Not a bad price,$3.00 a gallon and we do not have to go looking for it. 8 gallons for the last 3 weeks of boon docking. we can handle that.
the propane guy
    Now we even had time to enjoy Happy Hour and celebrate a good friends birthday  (back home in Ontario (John) Like I told him we would have a beer and a shot for him.
    Next its time for supper.  tonight a coup[le of pan fried cod filets, grilled lemon and grilled fresh asparagus. Add to our salad, sure hit the spot tonight.
even had some fresh strawberries as well.
319 miles today
     What a nice travel day we had, bit longer than we like , but can now hang out here for a week, with no overnight fees and full hook ups. Think we may do some looking about if we not too busy reading. No Matter the weather is amazing and into the mid 80's for the next week.
      Thanks for stopping in today and enjoying our journey with us.

Where have we been this Winter


  1. Looks like you had a great travel day. Now it's time for some great Texas hospitality.

  2. So I missed a few days of reading blogs and you two have done some moving. Sounds like you had some nice traveling weather and you have landed in a beautifully green spot. Enjoy!

    1. Very nice travelling weather, the green of spring and the trees is nice. Looking for some spring flowers now.

  3. Sound like a good day traveling and a good spot to stay, rest and have some more fun time.

    1. We have not to been this way for a few years so nice to check it out.

  4. Looks like you have the campground to yourselves.

    1. Nice and quiet, in the section we are in, love it !

  5. Homestead Heritage Traditional Crafts Village in Waco is a really neat place to visit.

  6. Looks nice on the grass and I'll look forward to seeing those water towers again on our way home. Ones like them, I mean. Thanks George for thinking of me!enjoy your week!

    1. Walking in the green grass, so soft, is sure different, than what we have had most of the winter, nice treat.

  7. That was our home park when we were with C2C we bought a resale membership in FL and this was the home Park.
    It was quite nice when we first went there. We would spend time there Going and coming from the RGV. It changed hands several times. The last time we stayed there it had been taken over by the Gulf course. The were going to do good thinks to the place and were looking for campers to invest. I know that a number of the people that had big covers over there RVs had put some money in the place earlier.
    Then we got a litter from Cost to Cost That they were dropping that park and offered us other home parks we could pick from. We dropped our membership as it no longer worked for us. Almost ten years later we got a call from the park asking us to pay our maintenance fees and that they also had a great opportunity for us to invest in the beautiful park they were creating. One thing that we remember about Whitney was the Mexican restaurant that was there. On a backstreet.

    1. We have seen this park go down and now it is being cleaned up again. New Washrooms, club house laundry room , much cleaner now. It is still C2C plus other memberships. It works for us as well we enjoying moving all year round.

    2. I'm glad they are fixing it up a bit. The club house looks better. Is that the one beside the pool? How are the electric hookups? I got to the place that I would get out and check it before pulling in to a site. Sure glad they are fixing it up. They must have had to do that to get back with C2C. Enjoy your time there. Safe travels.

    3. That is the clubhouse beside the Pool yes, Mini golf done, check in gate /guard house, the grubby trailers gone. Road coming in is still rough, but they are making improvements slowly. Our power is fine, have a surge protector to keep and eye on it. Golf course looks better than before as well.

  8. I don't think that truck looked too bad, nothing a little duct tape couldn't fix... :c)

    1. That's fore sure it was only placates anyway, lol...At least it did not roll.


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