Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, November 04, 2016

Relax, and clean off the road grime kinda day, enjoying this wonderful weather too.

Where are we today
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      Now we loving this wonderful warm weather. Slept great last night, windows open and so quiet here. AND no humidity or bugs, thats what we love about the desert. Nothing pressing today, we will relax a bit not go anywhere. Other than a few hundred yards to the grocery store for a few food stuffs.
 a very nice membership park
we will be back for sure
     Enjoyed my walkabout and the peaceful setting here.
nice exercise room too
               The grocery run done by 9:30 then is time to wash our coach and the car. Get that road grime off it. Bonus here they allow washing of vehicles and no permit needed. We like all these bonuses and all free.
Car clean and coach all clean too
Nice an shinny again
        Now we on a roll, cleaning stuff, lets get the laundry done its been almost 2 weeks. Like the prices for laundry $1.25 wash and a dollar to dry. Wonderful. Now while I am at it may as well have a good long shower in the real nice ones they have here.
         Wow all looks good, everything clean and I fell brand new. Now by 2 pm that is all done, we can enjoy our e-readers in the shade, still only 83 f today but we can deal with that.
      At  3 o'clock I prepped our pork ribs for the Q with sauerkraut, like we love to do. For the recipe click HERE or my recipe blog top right side bar.
love these small cans perfect for one meal
picked up a dozen when we crossed the border
ready for the Weber Q
      Now we can enjoy relaxing in the shade and our e-readers. While the ribs cook away.
Suzie loves it here
       When the ribs almost ready, remove from the  pan , set the Kraut aside and glazed the ribs on our grill mat with my tasty BBQ sauce mixture. I had put on a 1/4 acorn squash each for about 30 minutes with a little honey and pepper.
so tender and the smell awesome
just added our fresh made salad
and cantaloupe, perfect
       What a great day off the road for a bit, get some things cleaned up and relax in this wonderful warm weather. What's not to love?
       Glad that y'all stopped by and really hope your day was wonderful too.
Where have we been this Winter


  1. Shorts..Tee shirts..and flip-flops!..Right-on!..I had to get one of my flannel shirts on yesterday.
    I'm up at 47o Latitude and it's now 36o....

    1. Thats why we love heading south for the winter, love this warmer weather.

  2. Lovely park. Suzie looks like she is really enjoying the good life.

    1. It is a beautiful park, and we do live the good life pretty well everyday.

  3. those Arizona winters!

    1. That's why we are here to enjoy this excellent weather too.

  4. It's good that you're able to relax after that trip you just finished across country. With the weather being nice, you probably won't have any trouble doing just that --- relaxing. Enjoy it!

  5. By far and away the best membership park we have been to as well... and it was great getting to wash the rig there too

    1. I agree, it is a wonderful park with everything included, we should have decided on 2 weeks here, another time probably.

  6. Wow! A very productive day! Awesome dinner as usual.

  7. Great to hear about the park George, we were planning on going to that one at some point this winter. Your having fun.

  8. It looks lovely! Each one seems to offer different things, so we will take each individually and enjoy what they offer. Ribs, yes must get our pack out of the freezer sometime in the next two weeks while we're here. Enjoy!

    1. A very nice park and like you said each one is different.
      Love our ribs a very nice treat.


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