Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Parhump Valley Museum and last day here.

Where are we today
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        Another perfect day temps into the 80's F .
        We have a wonderful very short excursion on our last day here, about 1/2 mile up the road to the Parhump Valley Museum. We left here at 9am when they opened and were back home by 10:30, perfect. A very nice one with lots of displays and history of the area, and it is FREE, we like free stuff to do. The lady here gave us quite a nice background of Parhump and was very helpful.
           Interesting info about the first atom bomb that was tested in this area of Nevada back in the 1950's.
old flintlock early 1800's 
portable  type writer
was right across from our resort
          Up until the 1970 's in  this whole area they grew cotton until it was not profitable anymore.
Railroad tire cottage built in 1947
    The next 2 pics are inside.
miner's cabin
mock up of the miner's tunnel
the Parhump store
the red school house
the Bowman house, largest house
built from railroad ties
they raised 5 children here
    Then around the yard some more , some old farm machinery around.
Parhump's first Ambulance
grain silos built before 1959 
oldest building still standing
built in the 1870's

       Now back home to enjoy another wonderful day! Flushed our tanks and whipped up a nice light lunch. Picked up a few things at the grocery store and enjoyed a great afternoon enjoying our e-readers. In the shade, yup we are loving this amazing weather.
      Grilled a wonderful tender pork tenderloin that I had marinated all day, add to a tasty salad and we are good for the day.
pork tenderloin on the grill
we good to go and leftovers to boot
      A very nice relaxing last day here but time to move on down the road. Heading further south in the morning.
       Thanks for taking the time to stop on by.

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  1. Nice tour of the museum and surroundings. It's nice to enjoy good weather there too.

    1. Tks it was and interesting one and not far from the campground too. Perfect weather.

  2. That museum is very nice. We remember reading about the atomic bomb. Great photos of your visit.

    1. Thanks it was very nice, and interesting info about the area.

  3. Looks like quite the interesting place; always enjoy a little history.

  4. I bet those railroad tie house must smell pretty bad when it gets hot, those ties were soaked in creosote. Of course, in the desert, any free wood is worth the trouble. ;c)

    1. We did not smell anything and it was 80f. But no dampness makes a difference.

    2. No creosote in them. They are too light-colored. Probably they didn't bother back then creosoting them in desert areas.

  5. My two favourite things in your post today: the old style kitchen and stove and being a former secretary, the wooden desk with all the secret compartments and manual typewriter. Also the non-clutter! These people did it right way back then.

  6. You certainly are keeping yourselves busy. That's half the fun. Enjoy!

    1. Just wanted to check out a few things in the area before we leave.


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