Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Bullhead City to Lake Havasu City and meeting up with more RV friends along the way

Where are we today
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        Much cooler today in Bullhead City, and very windy, so time get outta here. Taking our time this morning only have 66 miles to go today, so not in a big hurry. I noticed on line that friend of ours from British Columbia Canada and right is our way to  Lake Havasu today.
another plane taking off this morning
          So we sent them a message and arranged to stop in for a coffee on our way by.
a nice drive today with 30 mph tail winds
most of the way
     We left Bullhead shortly after 10 am and arrive at their place about 40 minutes later just south of Needles California. Pirate Cove resort. A wonderful park but not very buy there.
    We have not seen them for a couple years and was so nice that we were able to meet up again. Such a small world.
Suzie, Ginette and Rene
        We enjoyed some lively conversation catching up, (we follow each others blogs and Facebook postings). Coffee and a wonderful carrot pumpkin loaf that Ginette had made.
        They are avid motorcycle people and transport their Harley behind their 5th wheel on a swivel wheel carrier, very unique and sure works great for them.
      After catching  up they gave us a wonderful tour of this park, some very amazing campsites here right on the Colorado river.
lot that campsite
then a look at the beach
would be wonderful it it was
 not so windy
some amazing campsites
     Well our time ran out gotta move on down the road.  A bit further we entered back into Arizona. I-95 took us from Nevada, to Arizona, to California and back into Arizona again, time changes like crazy.
back into Arizona
     We are meeting up with good friends George and Roseanne. Camp out at their place for a few days. They have a wonderful property in Lake Havasu City and room for a couple RV friends. We met them a few years ago and this past summer at Rock Glen Resort on Ontario. We were invited to come by here anytime. So we took them up on the offer. Great to catch up with them again.
we set up with a great view overlooking
the town and the lake
what a very nice spot they have
3:30 time for Happy hour with Roseanne.
George was running errands
and we missed him
a nice sunset over the lake
      By 5 pm cooled down, time to head home and whip up a bite to eat.
    Tonight a simple fish burger on an English Muffin and a salad, nice and light, sure hit the spot.
tasty ? yup !
 only 66 relaxing miles today
              We did have a few cross winds (gusts to 35 mph) gladly we did not have far to go.
       In the area for a few days and will do some exploring places we have never seen.
       Glad that y'all dropped in for a peak.
Where have we been this Winter


  1. Pirate Cove is an interesting campground. Always nice to have friends who can accommodate your coach.

    1. A very nice campground and not too busy right now.
      It s nice to see them again, and they even have a 50 amp plug, water and sewage dump available too if needed.

  2. The wind is the biggest disadvantage of being out west.
    Nice stopping over place. Nice of your friends to share their beauty.

    1. We can deal with the wind when we have sunny skies warm temps and next to no rain.
      They have a wonderful place here.

  3. Great to have friends to share their space with. Enjoy your visit....

    1. They have a wonderful place here and so convenient to everything too.

  4. We are glad that you two could drop by on your way to Lake Havasu. It was nice to catch up. All the best with your travels going forward.

  5. Thanks it was great to catch up with you guys as well, safe travels.

  6. 66 miles - those are the best kind of travel days. Especially with friends waiting at the end. Enjoy.

    1. yes we love these kind of travel days, and many more for the next few months.

  7. Is Rene not blogging anymore? When I try to connect to his blog the last one is fom March.
    Love your blog we are currently in Florida but are from Ontario.

    1. That was his last posting , not sure if he will do more yet, hope they do, always enjoyed following them.

  8. thanks for the information. We have enjoyed following your travels for the last 3 years. We are from Port Perry not that far from your home town.

    1. Nice to hear from you, glad that you enjoy following us in our travels.


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