Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
Taken In Quartzsite Arizona Dec 7th 2015

Friday, May 22, 2015

A nice quiet Friday enjoying the fitness centre, reading our e-readers and supper out with friends.

Where are we today ?
     Much cooler again today high of 10c (50f)  with a cold wind but at least a very sunny day.
     First couple of pictures was a few us joined in around our first campfire of the season here and Joe and Nancy's thursday night.  With a few old and some new friends. Thanks guys for having us over it was wonderful.  And Suzie got her doggie fix with their dog Choco.
Choco and Suzie 
nice group around a cozy campfire to keep us warm
     This morning my first walkabout by the pond, the 2 Canada Geese families wandering about one family with six babies and the other with only one.
         A few more walkabouts and chat with a few people here and there then after a light lunch down to the Fitness Centre here. All these facilities are included with our membership here and look forward to being able to make use of them while we are here. Its one of the nicest that I have used, fully equipped.
large screen Tv with satellite hook up,
helps to make the time in the gym fly by.
      All these machines are excellent.
even free weights and exercise mats as well
        Then after a good 1 hour workout went for a nice swim in the indoor pool, open year round then soak in the hot tub. Nice thing here is during the week its not busy so all to myself.
nice hot tub too
        Then back home chatted with a few neighbors and even got to relax out side in the afternoon sun and read for a bit before supper time.
        During the campfire last night it was mentioned about going to Mulligan's Restaurant at Arkona Fairways golf course that backs onto our resort. Friday nights is wing night and I love chicken wings (even though its not in my healthy eating plan) but we like to take advantage when these opportunities pop up. Now just can't go there and have a salad when everyone is enjoying all this tasty fried food. So I gave in and we did the whole 9 yards. Battered mushrooms, my Suicide wings and french fries. Suzie had a quesadilla  and shared the sides with me. Thats eating out 2 times in 3 days almost unheard of for us.
a beautiful evening but getting colder
       Yep we had a great time, good friends, good food and lively conversation. What a perfect end to another wonderful day.
        The campground will be much quieter this weekend after our long weekend here last week, not a problem for us. Maybe a few American neighbors may drop in and tale advantage of the good exchange rate for them
        Thanks for stopping by and hope you had a wonderful day too.
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  1. What a fantastic fitness center. Plus, what a great life we al have being able to enjoy the best of everything.

    1. Love the fitness centre here, best I have seen anywhere, and we do have an awesome life style thats for sure.

  2. Hard to beat visiting around the campfire. That looks like a really nice fitness center.

    1. Campfire get togethers are always fun,
      It is an excellent fitness centre.

  3. Wow, it looks like you have "the life of Riley" where you are at the moment. I love campfires, and when I was in Mexico last winter bought an old wash tub for $5 and had some legs welded on for another $5. Luckily I can store it in the back of the CR-V when I travel.

    1. We do have " the life of Riley" and enjoy every minute of it too.
      We have a small propane fire pit that we use on occasion, no muss no fuss.
      The washtub is a great one as well.

  4. Life is good when there is a hot tub involved! :c)


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