Our Awesome Travels

Our Awesome Travels
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Sun. Oct 9 th, Family Fun !

Join us as we travel North America in our Holiday Rambler Vacationer,
 since August 2006

        Another great day, just can't get enough of this fantastic fall weather. Coffees and computing then a quick  drive to Plattsville to enjoy the country scenery and early morning mist and fall colors across the fields, a different view everyday. So lets enjoy it while we can.

        Now we cleaned up the yard a bit more, black walnuts still dropping like crazy, raked them up and hauled away, now a total of 11 wheelbarrow loads so far.
just cleaned these up yesterday
another load
        Sandy baked a fresh apple pie this morning to take into Kitchener along with my peacan tarts, for a Thanksgiving get together and a noon meal at Uncle Earlus and Aunt Delore's place.
apple pie
        Almost all of Suzie's family is there including Carl's from Ottawa and Heather, Ralph and Tuscon from Germany about 35 of us in all, and Garmma (96 yrs young). We arrived to a house full of people gathered around from room to room and even outside on the deck. Again perfect weather so we could be spread out and be comfortable on the deck.

Suzie and Gramma

25c (78f)
        Once again we had a fantastic spread of food, bone in ham, turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, salads, buns, veggies and dip more than enough for everybody. So relax, find a place to sit and eat, chat and be thankful that we can all get together and be healthy. Thanks Earlus and Delores for being such great hosts.
ready to eat
lots of great food
        Now that we had lots to eat the coffee, tea and deserts came out, wow everybody is going to burst but did manage to clean up most of that too.
lots of desert
        Ok now about 4 o'clock and time to get back to the farm, chores and milking, we rode with Dennis and Sandy so left then too, couldn't eat anymore and they just kept brining out more food and snacks. Definitely need to loose weight after this weekend, and its not over yet.

        Back home I washed our car, and made a huge pot of turkey, vegetable, rice soup, while Sandy and Suzie picked up a some more walnuts.
turkey soup
        Now to relax and chat for a bit outside on a beautiful evening while Suzie and Omer got some exercise in the yard.

        We had another great day and were not really hungry but sampled a bowl of hearty soup, just to fill in the gaps before turning in for the night.
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  1. Gramma is looking good at 96. Colin's Mom turns 97 on the 30th and still does her own shopping & cooking.

    What will they do with the walnuts?

  2. Contessa:
    Gramma lives in a retirement home, works there folding launfry an does some cooking and shopping ,keeps active.

  3. Contessa:
    Do nothing with the walnuts many thousand here and a nuisance this year, smell bad , satin every thing, stink and hurt like heck if they hit you on the head. Good for making dyes etc...

  4. I'm a friend of Contessa's. (Introduced by our blogs, met in Mazatlan) Nice pictures-makes me miss my mother-in-law, we lost her in April. She was 94.

    Nice to meet you-have a great winter down south. We are leaving Sunday for Mazatlan, but only for a week. We hope to go back later in the winter after I recover from a knee replacement. No better place to recoup than Mazatlan!

  5. Marty:

    Thanks for stopping by and joining us. We too met Contessa in Mazatlan 2009 and enjoy following their Blog as well.

    Here's wishing you a speedy recovery with your knee replacement and a great winter in Mexico.


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